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When many of us think of diamonds, we imagine colorless gemstones sparkling proudly. But this is just one type of diamond on the spectrum. The presence of boron when a diamond forms turns it blue. Nitrogen brings out yellow hues, while natural radiation traps electrons in the stone and turns it green. As the electron structure changes while the diamond rises to the Earth's surface, it turns pink or red. All these quirks of nature create the rainbow of jewels celebrated in the Colors of Diamonds line. Colors of Diamonds necklaces are the perfect way to showcase this rich palette of gemstones. Colors of Diamonds necklaces are contemporary pieces of fashion jewelry. Some pendant styles feature iconic charms such as hearts and crosses, while others have more unique designs with wishbones and turtles. Some Colors of Diamonds necklaces proudly spell out some of life's key tenets, such as love and peace. Most Colors of Diamonds necklaces are made from high-quality sterling silver. Dark rhodium plated settings help offset the sparkling natural gems. Colors of Diamonds necklaces are made to stand the test of time. You can guarantee your colored diamond necklace's longevity with HSN's 2-Year Jewelry Protection Plan