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Cut Up Your Next Meal Like an Expert With a New Carving Knife

Who said carving up your Thanksgiving turkey had to be a challenge? With a new carving knife from HSN, you'll never have problems slicing and dicing meat again. This collection of sharp and precise cutlery is specifically designed for tackling all your favorite main courses, from chicken to brisket. Because carving knives typically have longer, thinner blades, they are perfect for slicing thick cuts of meat into uniform pieces. Rather than using a chopping motion, all you have to do is saw through the meat to get a clean cut. Just make sure you have a quality cutting board in place; otherwise, you could damage your counter. Choose a longer blade for bigger jobs, like turkey or ham, and a smaller blade for a chicken or roast. Keep your new knife ready to cut by using a sharpener after each use to prevent the blade from dulling. Trying to use a steak knife or ordinary kitchen knife on a larger piece of meat is likely to end in disaster. Keep your fingers and hands safe from harm by using one of HSN's quality carving knives for your next meal.