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Photos of Your Dreams With Canon SLR Lenses

Take your photography to the next level with Canon SLR lenses. Their extensive, wide-ranging features allow you to catch the moon in all its majesty, zoom in on a ladybug's tiny spots, take a wide-angle of the beach at sunset, or catch your lightning-fast toddler as they run around the yard. Never miss another important moment with a top-quality lens from Canon. Try an 18-55mm lens for most of your immediate photographic needs. This SLR lens gives you the ability to zoom in on faraway objects but also comes with an excellent wide angle. It'll give you crisp, clear pictures and is perfect for many of your photography requirements. Drop it in your bag before you head out, and never miss the chance to record another significant event. Discover the sharp clarity a portrait lens can bring to your photographs. Perfect for close-up and low-light photography, these lenses allow you to manipulate the out-of-focus areas of your photographs by giving you access to wider apertures, rounded aperture blades, and defocus control. Reward yourself and impress your friends with the dynamic images a wide-angle lens delivers. Wide-angle lenses allow you to capture close-ups of your subject without losing the background. They're perfect for taking pictures of groups, like kids at a birthday party, and they add depth to landscapes and architectural photos.