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Secure Your Home with Canary Security

If you're worried about keeping your home safe or just need to keep an eye on your kids when you're away from the house, consider getting a Canary security system. You can seamlessly connect it to the Wi-Fi, which means that you can access the video feed wherever you have a connection to the internet. Choose the indoor/outdoor model to have a camera that can be used to monitor the outside of your house. The twist mount camera is an essential part of any Canary home security system. You can adjust the angle of it to avoid any obstacles that might be in the way blocking your view of the area. The camera can even view your feed in the dark with night vision up to 25 feet. One of the best features, though, is the intelligent motion detector. This is reassuring for when you're away from your home. Through the security app, you'll get a notification if any motion is detected, so you can check the feed and see what caused it. It's also helpful if your kids arrive home before you. With the Canary security camera, you can be notified when your loved ones get home, so you know they're safe.