Can Openers

Open Your Cans in a Snap

Cans of olives and artichoke hearts for appetizers, refried beans for Taco Tuesday, tuna fish for a weekend camp trip, diced tomatoes and tomato paste for spaghetti sauce, and even cans of heat-to-eat soup for those cold winter days. It's inevitable: Many pantry staples come in aluminum cans or glass jars with tight lids. Everyone has struggled with a basic can opener at least once, whether it gets off track, leaves a jagged edge, or is difficult to crank around and around. Equally, there are plenty of tricks to getting jars open, from giving the lid a tap to using a rubber band for extra grip. There's absolutely no need to deal with this. HSN sells high-quality can and jar openers. A magnetic can opener helps you avoid the sharp edges as you can pop open the lid then throw it out without ever touching it. This is especially important in a household with children. Have you ever seen a motorized jar opener with sets of grips to hold the container still and twist the lid off? This model can adjust to various-sized lids and is powerful enough to remove vacuum-sealed lids, as well. This is a great help to someone with a hand or wrist injury or arthritis, too.