Brother Embroidery Machines

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Enhance Your Business or Embroider for Fun

Embroidery is a way to dress up clothes, make extra money, or just enjoy a fun hobby. Whatever your reason for wanting to embroider, shop HSN for Brother sewing embroidery machines. With this machine, you take the guesswork out of embroidery and make sure you have a perfect product without a lot of hassle. These new models offer uploaded designs in the machine. If you have your own design you want to use, you can insert a USB drive into the port and have your design created that way as well. Download almost any embroidery from the internet or create your own and upload it to your machine. You can create practically any design with your new Brother embroidery machine. It is easy to use if you're a novice but has all the capabilities an expert would need. Add embellishments to your kid's clothes or even your own. Create designs for a local business and embroider their logo on new work shirts. Make a unique wedding gift by embroidering the couple's names on a throw pillow. Your imagination is the only thing that limits you with these high-quality and efficient embroidery machines.