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Use Brads and Eyelets to Help Complete Your Craft Project

From cards to scrapbooks, your lovely paper craft projects require some special touches to help make them complete. That's where brads and eyelets come in handy. Discover the range of ways you can use these helpful embellishments on your projects. While you know craft brads are good for holding paper together, you can also use them to hold buttons, charms, and other special objects on your projects. Since they come in everything from simple metals to bright colors, you'll have no problem finding ones to match every project you're working on. If you need to punch holes in your cards or other paper projects, make sure you use craft eyelets to protect the holes and keep them from tearing or expanding. When you're creating books and want a unique way to hold everything together, consider getting some bright and colorful ribbon to loop through the eyelets. You can then use the same ribbon to add extra embellishments to your project and tie the entire look together. When you need brads and eyelets to help finish your craft projects, shop the great selection you'll find only at HSN.