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Flip through the pages of almost any fashion magazine and you'll almost certainly see at least a few examples of booties for women. This low-profile footwear option is ideal if you love the look of boots but don't like wearing bulky shoes or prefer a lower cut. After exploring our inventory, you will find many different types to match your style. Ankle boots are great for wearing with a pair of tights, combined with a pencil skirt and tailored blouse. That kind of outfit is ideal for a fashionable, conservative yet comfortable look for work. On the other hand, perhaps you need some casual booties to wear with your favorite pair of distressed jeans and an eye-catching graphic print T-shirt, for a look which is both practical and stylish. At HSN, we make it simple and fun to find ankle booties to enhance your wardrobe. Sort through possibilities from all your favorite brands, including some which are eligible for free shipping. Many of the products we sell also fall under the FlexPay umbrella, which means you can cover the cost over time, instead of paying for everything up front. Shop today to find booties that fit your lifestyle and budget.