Black Socks


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Stay Comfortable in All Footwear with Black Socks

When you're getting dressed, the right pair of socks can change your comfort level dramatically and impact you for the rest of the day. Socks keep your feet comfortable in all types of shoes, including loafers, tennis shoes, and dress footwear. For athletes, the right pair of socks keeps feet dry and cool. Essential styles from the top athletic brands add extra features like cushioning on certain areas of the foot that tend to get sore during activity, as well as compression to improve blood flow. Lighter socks tend to show dirt and grime, so stick to darker socks to keep them looking good. At HSN, you can find a wide selection of black socks from many of the top apparel and accessories brands. A wide variety of the socks available at HSN come in multi-packs to give you the options you need for every activity and every day of the week. Performance socks are designed specifically for certain athletic activities, while dress socks keep you comfortable when you're at the office or at a formal occasion. No-show black socks provide a layer of protection in your favorite flats or low-cut footwear. Find the socks you need to complement all the shoes in your closet by shopping at HSN.