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Stay Dry on Rainy Days With BetterBrella

BetterBrella has changed the way we think about umbrellas with an ingenious new design. This umbrella offers unique reverse open and close technology to help you stay dry. You have boots to keep your feet dry in the rain, and now you have BetterBrella Elite to help keep everything else dry. The auto open feature makes it easy to operate your umbrella with just one hand, and the reverse close feature creates a water-resistant cone so rain stays inside the umbrella, instead of on your floor. Plus, with the matching carrying bag, you'll have a convenient way to carry and store your BetterBrella. With BetterBrella Deluxe, you'll also enjoy the convenience of a lighted handle, which can help you avoid puddles when it's dark outside. The BetterBrella can even stand up to strong gusts of wind without collapsing like a traditional umbrella. Choose a BetterBrella in a bright color that will perfectly complement your jacket, or select one that has a fun design to cheer you up on a dreary day. With the advanced features of BetterBrella, you no longer have to fight with the opening and closing of a traditional umbrella and getting wet in the process.