Bed Frames

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Bed Frames Are the Foundation of a Peaceful Night

People don't often think about bed frames. The frame is probably the most underrated piece of bedroom furniture, but getting a good night's sleep depends on having a sturdy one. Not even a comfortable mattress can compete with a flimsy or rickety frame. Not only does it need to fit your mattress securely, but it should also provide additional support, and it has to remain sturdy. Buying a standalone frame has its benefits because you can tailor it to your sleeping style, and there's always the option of snagging a stunning headboard, too. Consider a wooden bed frame if durability is important. Wood is also the perfect pick for rooms with a country or rustic chic decor. Need an adjustable frame that can fit a variety of beds? Shop for a metal bed frame that easily transitions to support all sizes of mattresses. That's a smart option for kids' beds because of how effortless it is to upgrade to a larger size. Guest rooms benefit from adjustable frames, as well. Think about replacing your bed frame, even if your mattress still has some life left. Of course, you could always update your entire bedroom. Inquire about HSN's payment plans and plan to redecorate.