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Get the Most Out of Your Makeup With beautyblender

When you're looking for a good selection of beauty blender products to give you perfectly smooth makeup, shop at HSN for some of the latest offerings. The ingenious design behind the beauty blender sponge makes makeup application easier. The smooth sponge ensures flawless application of foundation, powder, and more. Plus, unlike traditional sponges, when the beautyblender sponge is wet, the makeup sits on top of it, to make sure you don't waste any of your favorite product. Then you simply wash it and let it air dry until you need to use it again. Since the beautyblender sponges come in a variety of sizes, they're the only beauty tools and accessories you need. When you need broad application, such as applying creams, foundations, or powders, go for the original size beautyblender sponge. If you want to get the perfect amount of blush on your cheeks, the beautyblender Blusher sponge is the ideal size. Finally, select the micromini sponge for detailed application, such as highlighting, concealing, and color correcting. When you're searching for one tool that will take care of all your makeup application needs, turn to the beautyblender products you'll find at HSN.