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Kick Up the Style in Your Sports Room with NASCAR Gear

HSN's Auto Racing Fan Shop features furniture, games, and decorative items representing NASCAR. If you're a sports bar owner or you have an entertainment room in your basement, you will find plenty of NASCAR gear to equip your space, like a bartending stand with shelves and matching bar stools, both boldly emblazoned with the NASCAR logo. For an extra adornment, you can hang a license-plate style mirror printed with the logo above the bar. If you have a sports bar or sports basement environment, then you know the furniture, the bartending station, and the social interaction space are all important. Sports and games go together, and if you have a room dedicated in your house to watching sports and relaxing with friends, you probably have a game set up as well, and we aren't just talking about video games. Get your NASCAR set of 16 billiard balls or a wooden dart rack through HSN's Auto Racing Fan Shop. Make sure that the next time you have everyone over to watch auto racing at your home, you've got all the props for entertainment. Browse the Auto Racing Fan Shop for yourself or another avid NASCAR fan. For more high-intensity sports items, visit the Hockey Fan Shop and the Football Fan Shop.