Antthony Design Originals Sets


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Always Dress in Style With Anthony Designs Clothing

Fashion designer Anthony Mark Hankins opened his first design studio in the late 1990s after studying fashion at the Pratt Institute of Design in New York City. Today, HSN is honored to feature his gorgeous collection of Anthony Designs Originals sets. Using materials that drape and flatter the body, his sets are perfect for any woman who loves to dress in a sophisticated style. The sets make dressing easy as the pieces are designed to complement each other nicely. Enhance the sets with any piece of Anthony Designs Originals jackets and outerwear to tie your outfit together in a complementary fashion. Many of the sets within the Anthony Designs collection feature styles that have an elegant and modern flair to them, such as the “Glitter” sets. They are perfect to wear to a chic evening event and look stunning when worn with metallic heels. Anthony Design Originals sets that feature several pieces of tops always look striking when paired with his designs of pants that create a seamless and polished ensemble. However you choose to wear your Anthony Designs Originals sets, you will find just the right outfit when you shop HSN today!