Anna Griffin Embellishment Kits


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Activate Your Crafting Genius

Are you a dedicated scrapbooker, strategically organizing your favorite photos, travel tickets, and other memorabilia on carefully and beautifully decorated pages? Do you always go the extra mile on holiday, birthday, and anniversary cards, with a clever design and something beautiful enough to deserve the top spot on the fridge? Do you go into the craft store looking for one item and leave an hour later with a cartful? You're an embellisher! Anna Griffin embellishment kits sold on HSN include common decorative accessories, including vividly colored and patterned cardstock, paper rosettes, ornate gold-foil figurines and arabesque designs, die-cuts in a variety of whimsical and adorable shapes, shiny satin ribbons, and more. Anna Griffin embellishment kits are packaged in a lovely box for organizing the materials, with an instructions sheet or an idea sheet to guide you in your crafting endeavors. You can buy themed embellishment kits, such as holiday-themed gift tags and stamps with red, green, and gold coloring and classic motifs like stars, poinsettia flowers, wreaths, and reindeer. Floral design and gold-themed kits are also available. You can buy sets of Dresden trims and embellishments to add an impactful statement to your crafts. These include embossed golden figures in shapes like butterflies, bunnies, birds, hearts, and feathered arrows.