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Halloween Decor That Goes Bump in the Night

If you want to take your spooky decor to the next level, add some Halloween animatronics for an extra fright for your visitors. Get ready for the screams and shivers when party guests and trick-or-treaters are treated to animated Halloween decorations that shimmy, shake, and shriek. HSN's selection of motion-activated Halloween animatronics offers a frighteningly fun addition to your Halloween decorating. Sensors detect unsuspecting passers-by, activating scary actions from the creepy crawlers adorning your household. Encourage some good old-fashioned arachnophobia with a giant, hairy, jumping spider. Hang a life-like bat at your front door and watch visitors leap out of their skin when it swings and screeches toward them. Ring in the apocalypse with the thrills of a creepy animated zombie clawing its way out of your garden. Guests will think twice about ringing an animated doorbell that stares back at them. If you'd prefer not to scare your visitors too much, you can opt for more whimsical and colorful Halloween animatronics that will give more giggles than screams. Trick-or-treaters and other visitors to your humble, haunted abode will never know what could be lurking just around the corner — until it jumps out and gives them the fright of their lives!