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Get Connected to a High-Tech Android Phone From HSN

Android is America’s preferred smartphone platform thanks to its user-friendly design and wide range of high-quality apps. Many Android phones also let you add external storage space. If you love Android, you’ll be impressed with the variety of Android phones at HSN. HSN stocks Android phones from the most trusted names in technology, including LG, ZTE, and Samsung. Many of these phones come bundled with special extras like triple minutes, extra credit, and free months of service, so you’ll see more value for your money. You can feel confident in your investment with the extra coverage of HSN’s Electronic Protection Plus plans. Modern smartphones are part functional technology, part fashion accessory, so it’s not surprising to see the phones from HSN come with a range of colored cases. You can still find classic black and gold phone cases, of course, but if you dare to be different, you’ll love Android smartphones in vibrant colors like purple and red, as well as lively prints like paisley and leopard spots.