Absolute Metallic Cubic Zirconia Earrings

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Absolute Wow

Stud earrings are the most versatile earrings you can own. Wear them day or night for endless style possibilities. A signature staple should not be boring, though. Far from dull, Absolute Metallic Cubic Zirconia earrings make you look elegant even when you dress down. These sparkling, simulated gemstones reflect light more powerfully than diamonds for a razzle-dazzle rainbow of colors. Even in minimal light, these stones sparkle as effectively as their natural counterparts. These studs are not mere specks. Perfectly sized, Absolute earrings come in multiple carat weights to customize your bling. Pair them with a matching pendant, and it's wow times infinity. Wear a cubic zirconia ring for a similar effect. Celestial shine abounds when you choose a round stone framed by a glamorous halo setting. The halo creates a larger stone appearance, while the additional facets boost light dispersion and sparkle. Choose either white or yellow gold settings for princess studs. These earrings sit flush to your ear and won't tug your earlobe down. HSN is one of largest gemstone retailers in the U.S. and sells these earrings below their appraised value. It's a great day to grab a pair for yourself and to buy a pair to give away!