Absolute Hoop Earrings


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Turn Heads in Circles Wearing Absolute Hoop Earrings

Absolute is a leading brand in cubic zirconia (CZ) jewelry, the revolutionary gemstone that looks like a diamond. It's resplendent with amazing sparkle, yet it is an artistic manufactured gemstone. Cubic zirconias reduce the environmental and social damage that can occur via mining, giving you peace of mind with these beauties for your ears. Hoop earrings will never go out of style, with their commanding elegance and feminine essence. While plain gold or silver hoops may be the most classic rendition, don't miss out on a more eye-catching style adorned with glittering cubic zirconias. Absolute hoop earrings typically use a base of sterling silver. It may be plated in rhodium or gold, offering a slightly different effect in the colors reflected.

Many Absolute hoop earrings feature classic clear cubic zirconias in various sizes and shapes, like round and marquise. However, some styles also include a pop of color in blue glass or simulated ruby pieces. Through HSN, you can buy standard sideways-facing hoops, or you can mix things up with forward-facing hoops or hoops made of interconnected cubic zirconia settings.  If you're enchanted by these Absolute hoop earrings, you are also likely to love Absolute chandelier earrings and Absolute drop earrings. Upgrade your jewelry selection with Absolute today on HSN.