Absolute Bangle Bracelets


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Upgrade Your Bling With Absolute Bangle Bracelets

Whether you're a fan of bangle bracelets or just like sparkly things, you need to check out the Absolute bangle bracelets available at HSN. You can choose from a variety of stone colors, metals, and styles so that your new bracelet is the perfect fit. Absolute's crowning glory is its best-in-class cubic zirconia (CZ), a synthetic stone that resembles diamonds. What you'll love about CZ is that it's five times more reflective than diamonds — which translates to more sparkle — and significantly less expensive. Absolute produces clear cubic zirconia, as well as colored CZ that mimics black diamonds and other rare colors. Some Absolute bangle bracelets contain other synthetic stones, such as simulated ruby or sapphire. Settings range from simple cuff and hinged designs to domed, overlapping, and lattice-work bracelets. If you like what you see, be sure to check out the rest of Absolute's collection at HSN. Pair your new bangle bracelet with a pair of CZ earrings, or buy a CZ necklace as a birthday present for your mother, daughter, wife, or friend. For a different style, browse the Andrew Prince or Leslie Green collection. Both designers brought their own unique flair to Absolute's timeless CZ jewelry.