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out of 4 reviews
Best umbrella ever
This is great When I showed my friends at work they were amazed and they will be ordering one as well I love the fact that I can listen to music and talk to my friends with my phonebrella I don't have to worry about my phone getting wet thank you HSN
SW99, NY
Very cool
Love it
shelly30, NY
Windy day
Really got a chance to enjoy this in the rain. Nice features listening to my jazz while I was walking!
out of 24 reviews
These are what I've needed. They are compact and easy to fill.
Love this Product
I bought some for Christmas gifts, they are so handy, fit nicely in yourPurse. The pump is so easy to use on your perfume bottles. They dont leak and spray like your bottle perfume. Love them.
hooktheloop, TX
handy and convenient
I'll be using my perfume more often
Gemmy78, IA
out of 13 reviews
Finally safety for brushes
Im always trying to lay my blush & powder blushes sideways in some baggie then makeup bag so the bristles dont get squished & powder doesnt get on other stuff. The top is perfect for that & brow & lipstick pencils. The little croco bag is adorbs!! Ms BROWN,HSN... Maybe u should sell the LITTLE BAGS as a SEPARATE item. Your recent january visit of sellouts shows US COLLECTORS ARE CRAVING the SMALLER upsell items. Thanks for the quality
This is wonderful
I love this double decker I bought two a black and a burgundy I can't wait to take it on my trip. I have many of samantha brown products they are well made.
beautie1, FL
Cruise lady 62
Love this product. Holds so much. Love the pouches too. Great for all my goodies I take on cruise.
Mslady52, MS
out of 5 reviews
I ordered an as is bag and the box could have seen better days, but the bag itself is in new condition. I have the hardside quilted set in burgundy and just recently went to NYC. I had multiple comments on it and one ladu even said I been wanting the teal set but its been sold out forever. I hope Samantha plans on keeping the set in circulation. I have the bugundy cosmetic hardcase and I think the two would be ideal for a weekend road trip. Please bring back the quilted make up case too.
wvmntnrfan1, WV
this is a nice bag
Thought this was a very nice bag. It was acceptable as an As Is purchase. Liked the color, burgandy,. Purchased for overnight stays. Needed somethng small compct and easy to carry and easy on the body. This is small, and compct. Probably easy to carry for most. Due to medical reasons, I need 4 wheels on my luggage, Whether large or small. Thought this might work bec of size, but it didnt. Also, it is small and doesnt hold a lot. I returned bec it doesnt meet my needs.
shirlgirl520, NC
Wasnt sure about As Is, as it turned out, this was a perfect item. No issues at all. What a savings. The quality of this hard side is excellent& more space than expected. I would by Samantha Brown luggage again & trust the As Is savings option!
hawaii1475, IN
out of 731 reviews
Makes packing so much easier and organized
jlb1002, VA
Beat Invention!
I have so many sets, purple, burgundy, black & navy....love them! When I get to my destination...just put them in drawer and work right out of them !!! Thanks Samantha!! I also just purchased your new Croco luggage set BEAUTIFUL!!! Cant wait to travel!!!
plemon, MA
I was amazed at all the items I could get in these cubes! Definitely worth it, very happy with my purchase.
AnitaK, MI
out of 144 reviews
Lov this
I love these I can bring i favorite perfume any where i go dont have carry an big bottle of perfume in my purse. I brought a set for my husband to he lov them to i have a really brought 4 sets one for my daughter.
tinkerbell116, TX
Perfect size
Don't laugh but I normally keep a bottle of cologne in my car at all times, it's a little too big but all I could do until I got these. Easy to use & great for the gym or anywhere & won't break as easily as a regular bottle.These type & size aren't readily seen in stores, would therefore make a great gift.
jim24, NJ
Travalo atomizer
I got these for travel and I love them. They are easy to fill and pack in carry-on luggage. I am purchasing another set for a new fragrance I got for Christmas.
carole16, NC
out of 58 reviews
Skeptic Converted! Dont travel without these!
Ive now taken 4 trips with the cube method in my carryon(s), 3 of these trips were for 10days to 2 weeks. You can get so much more into your bag, using this method. Clothes dont wrinkle when rolled & kept me organized. I use small cubes for scarves, jewelry which extends outfits. Wont travel without the, now.
Mmkmurf, CO
I used these packing cubes when we go camping. I can take all I need for a month. Closet space is limited so these are perfect. Nice quality.
zannie757, NJ
Super Functional
These are going to be super functional for packing! I haven't used them yet but I can't wait!
Court47, TX
out of 25 reviews
Organized,sturdy, gorgeous, classy, rugged, nice texture. Love the "purple" which is actually more of a burgundy or deep berry. For me the size is versatile. Those who think it's too small can benefit from reading the specifications. Any bigger, would not be as versatile. Love the gadget lip although it could use an insert to make it more sturdy for larger devices. It's perfect for a phone,light gadget. A larger companion would be great. Great night stand, home or travel PERK!!
AGadgetGirl, MI
Love it but is to Small!
I love the material and quality of the product, however is too small for me, for my needs. I probably return the item.
AnnaSophia, OK
Perfect organizer for everything.
I have three of her backpacks, two have the built in RFID, but my convertible backpack doesnt. So I purchased this to have the RFID and organization in it. It holds my Nook, iPad Pro, eos, glasses, keys, etc.
FifiGirardi, FL
out of 22 reviews
Great different sizes
So much you can do with these packing cubes. I use as home, in luggage, and also purse and totes. Like the fact you have the different sizes. Have purchased many for many different uses.
san428, IL
I bought a 3 piece set of Samantha Brown's cubes years ago, really like it, i decided to get 4 piece, made a little different but i really like it because it have handles and it fits well in the luggage, thank you Samantha
blesed2, IL
Great Product
Have SB Quilted packing cubes which I love. Purchased the Slim Line cubes for packing in SB satchels and SB 3pc set to get even more room. The smaller, thinner sizes are perfect to use in conjunction with quilted packing cubes. Love the plastic to protect items inside.
DMarie113, NC
out of 6 reviews
Love this
Purchased for 15 day trip. Bought XL in men's size and fits this 71 year old girl just right. Love all the pockets to store my stuff!
tbcole, NC
Very nice.
Cdj12, LA
Very nice
I talked my reluctant husband into letting me order this for him as he always wants to carry a small plastic water bottle, Kleenex, cell phone etc. When not wearing a coat he has no place to put those things except MY PURSE! It is very soft, smooth, leightweight material that probably wont wrinkle. Not sure how it will wash. We both really like it and I plan on ordering another color and Im going to wear them too. My only complaint is it smelled of perfume upon arrival.
Auntsheppa, OR