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Best Tony Little Reviews

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We love our pillows & their cases
The pillows are vice and cool with these special cases. we have bought a total of 5 cases so we can change them more frequently'
PeteyJ, VA
Hlad ro get these
I love Tonys pillows and am glad to get the new cases.I will say that the price is high but worth it in the long run
CafeMan1, NC
LOVE them!
Years ago, I bought several Tony Little Pillows, which still exist but not in daily use. However, I have continued to use these amazing pillowcases. Soft, silky, and stay on due to the recessed zipper. Well, I bought a new side sleeper pillow and remembered where I got the cases. I chose the full size, as I had the queen which were much too large. The full are perfect. I love them. Highly recommend for ANY pillow!
out of 25 reviews
Missing Black Cord
This product is excellent, I already owned 2 but this one is supposed to be with the stronger (black) cord, however it is missing. I have requested an exchange, just hope that this time the stronger cord is there. If not, I will reach out to Tony Little's company directly. He has wonderful people working for him.
Eliska, NY
Just what I needed!
Great for strengthening muscles in my arms and upper body. I wasn't able to do that from just walking and bicycling.
thisgoesto11, MD
Good product
This is my 2nd EZ shaper as the 1st one finally wore out & broke! It would have been nice if we could interchange the bands with the old one so we would have 2 EZshapers. One for me & one for my husband. He uses more than me mainly for his arms! But still a great workout!
vicki73, FL