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out of 8 reviews
Bought two before sell out.
Gifted one.
These are light weight and sharp scissors. Highly recommend !
shygirl750, MI
Singer Scissors
I have some Gingher scissors that got nicked so I needed to replace them. I read reviews on these scissors and liked what I read, so I bought them. I have used them on 1 project so far and have been very pleased. They are lightweight and very sharp, even to the tip. The price is definitely right also.
keljo60, FL
out of 6 reviews
Works great!
Works as described, easy to use, attaches to the table very well and sits steady when winding, winds a ball fast and professional looking. My only complaint is the price but these large yarn winders are expensive no matter where you buy them from plus I used a 20% off coupon. The upside to purchasing it from HSN is the Flexpay! Plus it arrived VERY quickly after ordering. I would order it again. Thanks HSN!
ezrablu8, WI
Great Addition to Craft Room
Love being able to make my own yarn balls. This is bigger than most so you can do larger balls. Would buy agian.
NiecieDD, CA
Absolutely Love It!!!
This is perfect for my needs! I'm a spinner this works great with everything I spin from very fine yerns to thick, chunky art yarns! I can ball up everything from small to jumbo skeins! Works great with commercial yarns too!!!
Purplebiker, CA
out of 5 reviews
Ruler Grip
Love the Ru;er Grip so easy to cut my material.
beverlysue, AL
Great tool!
Just tried this out this weekend and live it. Made it so much easier to hold ruler and avoid it from sliding while cutting. Wanted to keep cutting but ran out of material, better go shopping!
New2quilting, SD
I love It!
I have tennis elbow and have always used my entire arm to hold ruler. This is wonderful I don't have to bend my back, just grip and hold. The suction cups are great and great quality. If you have any problem with hand and arm pain i would highly recommend this product
dondi56, PA
out of 4 reviews
Ultra fine pin
Excellent for sewing small or medium projects. Can be iron and dont melt
Mara2959, FL
Just right!
Perfect pins... just what I wanted. They aren't for quilters... keep that in mind... as they are shorter than quilter's pins.
Anonymous, NJ
Best pins
Love glass head pins. You don't lose them in the fabric and can easily iron over without leaving a mark. Safe for any fabric even delicate silks.
unoiwud, FL
out of 7 reviews
to hot
like them and use them for quitting and easy now Great!!!
lovepets7, WY
I love the clips,they are excellent.
Micky1950, TX
Help at last
These work great to hold excess fabric when using embroidery machine.
Snowbird1982, FL
out of 6 reviews
Mini Iron II
Great set. I love the feel and the quality.
Teen900, MI
Great crafting Tool
Love This Tool For Getting Into Smaller Spaces Where A Larger Iron Is Unable To Go. Great For Crafting & Quilting.
Starr101, MD
Love Love Love It
Super Fantasrtc and everything good. I sew a lot and ironing narrow seams this is just Fantastic heats up fast Life is so much easier now !!!!
Melodie5, TX
out of 5 reviews
Love these scissors
Everything I remembered from having these years ago. They cut like butter. Wonderful. Speed up your cutting time.
shannon8, NY
Wow what a great pair of scissors
I tried these scissors on a pair of thick jeans and it cut through it like it was nothing. Great product!
heatcat6, TX
Great scissors!
Gingher makes the best scissors out there and I was very please with these!
Meledstick, CO
out of 4 reviews
Fantastic scissors
This is my second pair of these scissors. They are fantastic. Very sharp, will easily cut several layers of fabric at one time. Love them!
Ohplease12222215, NV
Great Product
Scussirs are well made and cut evenly.
gbutlerboys3, TX
excellent value
I now have 2 pair of these scissors. They are the best and a great value.
dlillar, MI
out of 6 reviews
I can thread a needle. There are times when you get it on the first try; then it's time to have help. Thanks.
Wonderful tool!! Gotta have
I bought this thing with the idea that I would be wasting my money and would have to return it.Let me tell you how wrong I was! I love this thing. I have a hard time seeing to thread my needles. This thing is awesome! Works with most needles, not all. Great little tool for the sewing room. Must have! I love it. I use it several times a day when I am working on my sewing projects!
AndieS7, PA
Great product!
I saw this advertised on one of my quilt shows , so I got it for my mom who has difficulty seeing the needle hole. It works perfectly and she loves it! I may have to get one for myself sometime!
Purty65, FL
out of 6 reviews
Extremely Sturdy
This came in just one box with styrofoam on 2 of the sides. Nothing to protect the face of it or other 2 sides. When it arrived one corner of the box was almost ripped all the way off and the other end wasnt even taped. Idk how it survived in one piece. Being solid glass I wouldve expected better packaging and also a label stating it was Fragile!??? With that said, I love that its black so I can see the lines. Love using it!
Flygirl2164, AZ
Glass Mat
I love the overall size of this mat. Since I have trouble with my eyes the mat is very conducive to my needs.
Flatbox1, CA
I love this glass mat. Love that it has the little rubber feet. Wasn't sure if it would mark up by cutting on it, but it has not disappointed me yet.
StormyBlue, NY