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Best Sewing Notions & Trim Reviews

out of 4 reviews
Ultra fine pin
Excellent for sewing small or medium projects. Can be iron and dont melt
Mara2959, FL
Just right!
Perfect pins... just what I wanted. They aren't for quilters... keep that in mind... as they are shorter than quilter's pins.
Anonymous, NJ
Best pins
Love glass head pins. You don't lose them in the fabric and can easily iron over without leaving a mark. Safe for any fabric even delicate silks.
unoiwud, FL
out of 7 reviews
to hot
like them and use them for quitting and easy now Great!!!
lovepets7, WY
I love the clips,they are excellent.
Micky1950, TX
Help at last
These work great to hold excess fabric when using embroidery machine.
Snowbird1982, FL
out of 6 reviews
Mini Iron II
Great set. I love the feel and the quality.
Teen900, MI
Great crafting Tool
Love This Tool For Getting Into Smaller Spaces Where A Larger Iron Is Unable To Go. Great For Crafting & Quilting.
Starr101, MD
Love Love Love It
Super Fantasrtc and everything good. I sew a lot and ironing narrow seams this is just Fantastic heats up fast Life is so much easier now !!!!
Melodie5, TX
out of 6 reviews
I can thread a needle. There are times when you get it on the first try; then it's time to have help. Thanks.
Wonderful tool!! Gotta have
I bought this thing with the idea that I would be wasting my money and would have to return it.Let me tell you how wrong I was! I love this thing. I have a hard time seeing to thread my needles. This thing is awesome! Works with most needles, not all. Great little tool for the sewing room. Must have! I love it. I use it several times a day when I am working on my sewing projects!
AndieS7, PA
Great product!
I saw this advertised on one of my quilt shows , so I got it for my mom who has difficulty seeing the needle hole. It works perfectly and she loves it! I may have to get one for myself sometime!
Purty65, FL
out of 7 reviews
Great product
This is a great product and gets the job done. I would advise anyone to invest in on, because it is worth the purchase.
BigBaby2_50, GA
This is so easy to operate that anyone can use it and so reasonable!
Cheri714, KY
Great buy!
Love it!
Anonymous, LA
out of 4 reviews
Nice Kit
Nice and handy kit to have on hand for small repairs
sophie57, WA
Beginner's Sewing Kit
Absolutely perfect for the beginning sewer! The products inside are sturdy and will last a very long time!
Kimmi14787, NY
Exactly What I Needed!
So Cute! Has everything a beginner's sewer would need to get started. Happy with my purchase! And I LOVE the colors!
AZmom_101, AZ