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Best Origami Reviews

out of 90 reviews
Great addition
I own FOUR of the heavy duty racks and have them in my garage. These shelves almost make it like FIVE. So easy to pop into place. Im going to get some S rings and hang things like extension cords from the lower shelf. I may buy another set.
m_e_l, FL
Great Storage Addition
Have me extra matching storage so I didn't have to buy anything else. Fit was perfect.
soulu_4u, AZ
Connecting racks
Solve space problems. Well made, keep you organized.
Prosy114, FL
out of 107 reviews
Great Purchase
This shelf is designed to support heavy items and works perfectly. I was able to store cases of water on it with no problems. The wheels make it easy to move or relocate to another area.
Neeter6, MD
Simply the Best
If you're looking for vertical storage, Oragami is simply the best product line, hands down. Affordable, easy to set up. 'Nuff said.
LeeLee623, AZ
How do I love thee, let me count the ways
This is a super-duper purchase. All Origami products are great but, WOW, this one is wonderful! So well made, perfect size and I love the chrome color! Plan on ordering more when I have an excuse to do so!
Dot529, IL
out of 3,390 reviews
Love this rack! Im using it it my craft room. Hold everything with no wiggles or shifting. Sturdy and space saving! Great gift to myself!!
ellie01, CA
Origami Racks
I absolutely Love these racks. I opened the box, put the wheels on, stood the rack and unfolded it!!!! Amazing and really HEAVY-DUTY!
DeneeP, NC
Love this !
I Love this! I have had 3 for over a year and I highly recommend. I also bought two smaller versions for my kitchen and bathroom and another as a gift. I just ordered another one. Because No Tools no are needed, this can be assembled and locked in place in 5 min! Do not hesitate to buy!
PrincessDi083, PA
out of 30 reviews
Great items! This is an easy way to expand the usable space of your origami shelves without buying an entire shelf. Use one or both. Configure them anyway you want. I like using them on the top two shelves and leaving space for larger items, such as a lawnmower, for the bottom.
VickiinVA, VA
I have 2 pairs of the small racks, and bought these to have more flexibility in rearranging my space. Love origami!!!
sade498, WI
extra shelf space
These extra shelves work great and they give you more room when you want to expand your origami shelves
unicornbaby, AR
out of 47 reviews
Great Purchase
This cart is durable. I like the width of the shelves. It worked very well in the laundry room. I was able to store the laundry detergent and other items. It does not take up much space, but supports a reasonable amount of items.
Neeter6, MD
Handy Storage
This unit was so easy to flip into place and start using. The 3 metal bins are deep enough for storing potatoes and onions. Very handy that it rolls. I am pleased with this purchase.
Tweedy1948, IN
Love Origami
I have several Origami shelves. Loved the look of this cart for inside my pantry. Takes 10 minutes to set up. Strong and stable. Always happy with Origami. Will always go for Origami for my shelving needs.
BLA1872, MI
out of 25 reviews
Just What I Need
I bought this for the two small Origami racks in my closet, I store summer clothes on rack and sweaters on the other. These covers conceals them both when I open my closet doors. When I need access to them I simply unzip the front to see what is there.
tanya9117, WI
Hide away
These covers allow me to use the racks in my living. Otherwise the contents of the shelves (decorative, seasonal items) would be an eyesore.
Genius29, WA
Perfect to cover
These are great to keep everything covered and not get dusty on the racks. We got the Origami large and small racks and what a lifesavor they have been in our organization of the shed and garage. We even have 2 upstairs in our long hallway for linen and extra blankets
dpartain, GA
out of 3,262 reviews
So Easy
Love these racks so much I've ordered them multiple times. Super simple setup (even adding the wheels). Roll well on carpet, and obviously on cement basement floor. And they hold a LOT.
uwcooper, WI
Good racks
I own 8 of these racks. They are very sturdy. I do think the quality control could be better. The shelves do not lay completely flat in the middle. Also for these prices they should include the shelf liners so that things can sit on the shelf safely. One or two have come to me damaged. They should pack individually. They are very heavy and get damaged when packed in two's.
pussycat333, NC
Love love my origami
This is the best thing I brought for my garage to keep things off the floor. Love it love it
jay20, IL
out of 186 reviews
Amazing storage
I bought this several weeks ago, but wanted to wait a few weeks before reviewing. It came well packaged, and shipping was fast. I slid it out of the box, attached the wheels, then pulled it apart. I made sure the metal prongs were aligned with the holes in the top, and then added the drawers. Wow, super easy! I am using it in my closet for extra storage. If you need extra storage, I highly recommend this unit.
Phil407, KY
Origami rolling cart
This my friends is my best kitchen addition,Amazingly holds more than you would think. Great Purchase !!!
hogleg, GA
Love My Origami
Arrived fast, and in great condition. Just as described. Bought bronze color, goes with all my wood tones. Put printer and a lamp on top. All my paper, and various cords.....in drawers Love it!
out of 554 reviews
I have two - LOVE THEM!!
I purchased one, which has my printer on top, my gemini foil press and extra paper on next shelf then craft items in the drawers, SO handy. Bought a second one and keep it near the front door since COVID - it has hand sanitizer, extra masks, wet wipes, gloves, lysol etc. and anything else I may need when walking in or out the door. I would certainly buy again!
EclecticCrafter1, WA
For my Gemini Jr. and Gemini Foilpress
I needed storage space for my Gemini Jr. and my Foilpress in my craft room as well as drawers for the dies, foil, and folders that I've collected. This Origami cart is perfect for them. I can roll it out to use and roll it back into its space when I'm finished. I want another one now for my craft area downstairs to hold my Anna Griffin card kit supplies.
RuthM51, VA
It's my first Origmi product.
I have always seen them and have always wanted some. Yes, I said some! Because I want to make it my go to for all that I'm trying to organize. This one is awesome and very easy to put up. Funny watching me taking it out of the box though! Thank you HSN for bringing something I could use. I have another idea for an Origami enclosed pantry cabinet with shelves and wheels. I'd buy a few of those too. Thank you HSN!
Catalina59, CA
out of 23 reviews
Awesome corner shelf!
This corner shelf is awesome! Easy to assemble! I literally pulled it out of the box, stood it up, and the shelves fell into place! Shelf is sturdy and fits perfectly in my corner dining room. Great product and great value!
Texas2014, TX
Just what I needed!
I love Origami. The corner shelf fits perfectly in a corner in my foyer. Great for placing keys, mail, etc. Also, I love that no tools are needed!
Lotta13, MD
When I first saw this corner shelf, I knew it would fit in beautifully with our new bathroom decor. Can't say anything bad about this item, it's all good! Thank-you very much!
Fizzy49, NM