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Best Mama DePandi Reviews

out of 22 reviews
Better than expected
Pleasantly surprised by this sauce. Fresh tasting and chunky.
Liz2537, NJ
one of the BEST! Glad I tried it :)
I have to give this sauce 5 stars, and I agree with other customers that gave it 5 stars. It really is excellent with I feel, perfect flavor all the way around. I bought this set when it was on sale for $29.99. This is not the regular price, but I was still hesitant to pay this much, even for 2 bottles. I normally get "MIDS" authentic Italian pasta sauce, it's really delicious, too and only about $4-5 for the same size jar.
46_stacij, OH
Delicious Italian tomato sauce
I bought this as a test of truly Italian flavors in a marinara sauce. This is outstanding and is easily incorporated with our spaghetti or lasagna.
kws5, GA
out of 12 reviews
Excellent dry sausage
X brooklyn boy loves the sausages each one was perfect season tasty and the 2 hot sausages the kick was just right i was very happy with each sausage mmm
chef57, NY
Giftee really liked them
Can't personally say...but the person who received the gift really liked them.
Dori9, FL
Authentic and Perfectly Seasoned
This Salami tastes like the Salami my grandmother used to order for us when we were little. It is very well seasoned and spiced - lots of flavor and taste - not like the ordinary grocery store salami. If you like spicy, you will like this. I highly recommend it and personally love it.
Whitehorse9, VA