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Best Luggage & Travel Accessories Reviews

out of 6 reviews
Very beautiful
It's exactly as expected. Great price for a beautiful piece of luggage. Love it.
Emac357, CA
AS IS was perfect
My 6 pc luggage was "as is" and it was perfect, it look brand new and all was working properly. I absolutely love my Samantha Brown luggage.
Rashay38, CT
The purchase arrived in perfect condition. I was so elated about the color that I ordered another matching bag. Travel away.
Dreamer20, PA
out of 5 reviews
The most perfect items in my closet!
Love these west, I am a woman, but got 2 in mens size med, black and khaki, because these are longer they fit me better.earlier got the womens in large blue and stone, these are shorter, the mens look better on me covering my behind.Now I have 4 of them, I wear one of these every day matching my outfit, shopping, appointments, walking my dog!Love all these pockets, for my cell phone, my little radio, paper towels, my water bottle, my car key with much room left to carry even more!
Inge477, CA
Vest with lots of pockets
Well made I use it all the time not just for trips. This is my 2nd one .I did not were out the first one I have had it for over 6 years now and I use it all most every day. I wanted a blue one now. It can be used in summer light .I also sprayed my first one to help in the rain to keep water off me. I also use it a lot in winter you can sip it up all the way and it covers your neck. I love it and have loaded it up with at least 20 lbs of stuff so times for long walking trips. Like a back pack.
Bed2, PA
Ordering another color!
Comfortable, holds alot of things. Ordering another color. Worth the purchase.
kat811, WA
out of 58 reviews
Very useful
As with most of the reviews I agree that these cubes make packing easier, efficient, organized, space saving, convenient, and still useful once you reach your destination. You may not want or need to unpack cubes. Love them for storage at home and in my gym bag too! I can separate my swimwear, pool shoes, towels etc. from my work out clothes! Also can be color coded for easy identification. Just wish they'd stay in stock!
Oldsexy, LA
Travel Changer
This 3 piece cube set sounds so simple yet it completely has revolutionized the way I travel. No more overthinking what I did or did not pack. No more will items jump around the bag during rough travel. I can pack more, stay organized, and really travel without over thinking because of this. Cannot recommend it more. Buy it. If you travel, plan to travel or just need any organizer for your drawers. This is a game changer.
Willow-Rose, WA
Good Products for Traveling!
I like this 3 pc. set of packing cubes because you can see what you packed. I always like to see what Samantha Brown has to offer and definitely this set is a keeper.
purchaselover, NY
out of 24 reviews
These are what I've needed. They are compact and easy to fill.
Love this Product
I bought some for Christmas gifts, they are so handy, fit nicely in yourPurse. The pump is so easy to use on your perfume bottles. They dont leak and spray like your bottle perfume. Love them.
hooktheloop, TX
handy and convenient
I'll be using my perfume more often
Gemmy78, IA
out of 30 reviews
Versatile and beautiful travel bag
I got the teal -it's s a unique, popping color. The style is contemporary and versatile - great for weekend trips or as a carry-on on flights. It's roomy and can be expanded. love it
karena9, CA
Efficient, good-looking and space-saving.
Just returned from a trip and used my SB carry-on set into which I packed this quality duffle which took up VERY little room. I knew I would be purchasing local textiles, would have laundry, etc., and was totally prepared. Using the duffle on the return trip, I only needed to pay for a checked bag one-wayyay for cost savings!
MistressJoy, VA
Samantha brown expandable duffle
Bought this for my daughter who is always going somewhere. She was delighted with the roominess and strength this bag has. Also the color was just perfect.
bonnieboo52, NJ
out of 27 reviews
Makeup Case
All my make-up fits beautifully in this case and can easily fit underneath your bathroom cabinet or just leave it out on the counter. Love it!
leeler1, CA
So stylish!
Great size and I love the color! Looks like it will fit all of my makeup and skin care products for a trip.
CyrilAnne, VA
got the rose gold
very nice wedding shower gift fill up with essentials- and good to go for wedding day hair & makeup.very happy
kiwidog, AZ
out of 8 reviews
Good product
The bag was very nicely made and well thought out but it was much bigger then I had imagined or wanted. I did return it but only because of the large size.
Gwen71, FL
I bought teal. The color is beautiful. I'm so excited that my new Lenovo 14" laptop fits in it. My 10" tablet easily fits. It's really nice for quick trips to Starbucks, or when I'm sitting in the car pool lane, and don't need to worry about lots of padding for my laptop or tablet. It's an added bonus that the front pocket is RFID protected. Thanks Samantha Brown for another great item.
Strosfan, TX
Great RFID Travel Bag
I love this Cross body! I got it to match my luggage, burgundy. Its large enough for iPad or Surface tablet. I was able to convince one of my friends to pick up too to match her hard case suit cases. Its not overly wide so you cram unnecessary stuff. Samantha please bring in some more colors. I would love it in purple to match your SAM Luggage collection. This is great buy as I have paid top dollar for unattractive crossbody's in the past.
Lanette72, GA
out of 732 reviews
So glad I tried these packing cubes
Liked these so much better than the quilted ones. These are lighter in weight and smoother in texture, making them easy to slide in and out of luggage. I like how the dimensions fit exactly into the Samantha Brown totes and cases.
Elles-Bells, HI
Makes packing so much easier and organized
jlb1002, VA
Beat Invention!
I have so many sets, purple, burgundy, black & navy....love them! When I get to my destination...just put them in drawer and work right out of them !!! Thanks Samantha!! I also just purchased your new Croco luggage set BEAUTIFUL!!! Cant wait to travel!!!
plemon, MA
out of 18 reviews
Cute and Functional
The case is big enough to carry several items. At the same time the bottom is smart enough to handle other things in the clear bottom. I took the pouches out. Which are not as tiny as they look and put things in them (don't say I said, but that little black one, is beyond cute). The case and the pouches fit in the SB Hardside Cosmetic case along with room for other items. And of course it matches back to other pieces of the same color scheme. Hello Black & White Ombre, Hi yo Silver Metallic.
jdjamm, FL
Adore it
I purchased it in the rose gold color and it is beautiful. The top is perfect for all my brushes and the bottom for my cosmetics. Truly well designed and it is so stylish.
FifiGirardi, FL
Worked out perfectly
Really good organization. I used one little case for shower things, one for my vitamins and supplements, and one for make up and hair things. The top was good for longer things, like my toothbrush. And the whole thing tucked into my hardside luggage next to the small sized packing cube.
Elles-Bells, HI
out of 151 reviews
Travalo Atomizer
I Really Like These Atomizers, It's Convenient And They Work, Plus They Don't Leak.
Cassandra-G, MI
Great product for travel
Small and convenient. Follows flight guidelines.
Kristy777, IL
Fragrance on the go!
NevadaGirl139B, NV