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out of 6 reviews
this cover is perfect for the firepit. lightweight, and has ties for each leg. glad i got it.
notever, FL
Heavy duty
And fits well
scarlettmyown, TN
Perfect Fit
Out of the box, simple instructions, works like a charm, over our new Fire Pit
Photosbytntllc, DE
out of 4 reviews
Great vacuum
Love it! Had an older Dyson. This one is great. Glad I made this decision.
chipnnick, CA
Dyson Ball Animal 2
The best vacuum ever. Love it.
imlucy, OR
This was a gify for my daughter and she loves it. Called me after doing a room and bragged about how efficient the machine was. She has a few fur babies so the animal was necessary. Thank you for such a powerful machine.
tamossman, GA
out of 4 reviews
Great vac. Takes a little getting used to as it is a little top heavy,but has great suction and is very maneuverable.
birdy82, PA
Absolutely Love
I love my Shark. Suction is super strong.. Easy to clean after use.. Hangs on wall for easy storage..
Pbernard68, FL
Great vacuum works well on all floor types, good suction, easy to clean and easy to maneuver.
jangel7, OR
out of 4 reviews
Very nice filters and help remove any odors from the room
pac128, WA
Had forgotten just how crisp and clean the air feels with a new odor reducing filter. Hadn't noticed house odors, since I no longer have a pet nor teenager, but this makes the interior air, especially with windows closed during winter, smell like the fresh outdoors.
cathedral, CO
Honeywell Prefilters Airpurifing
These work very well..Capture Alot of odors from cooking & Pet's..Easy to replace in unit!!
LoriCho, MI
out of 6 reviews
this is one of the best items that I have purchased from HSN. I absolutely love this Microwave, it fit's very nice in the wall it has two shelves. Lots of features and it pops popcorn perfectly.
frankari, FL
Excellent buy, easy to install. My husband did it in an hour or so. Great deal.
Redbones, FL
Love it!
Absolutely wonderful so far
orthopedic12, NY
out of 10 reviews
really nice....!
Or... that's what I would have said, except it came all damaged - probably from warehouse - Waiting for return label to send back - hoping the other one that should be coming is in proper condition- it's always a gamble! So strange they send you damaged merchandise?!?
Glad I chose this size, and I love the darker interior/looks like inside of oven. No problems with it.
kpmimi, TX
Great microwave! Looks Great too!!
This microwave is exactly as described. I gave it 5 stars because it is exactly as described, and once installed it is perfect. Very roomy, and the extra shelf inside is a feature I wanted. So far it works perfectly we haven't cooked anything large yet.The only down side is the directions could be a little clearer, but lucky for me my husband is very handy and installed without a hitch. He did put some extra screws in the mounting plate. The ones that came with would probably hold it fine, but for the price of 3 or 4 extra screws why take a chance.It's a beautiful microwave I would recommend this to anyone. Just remember you are going to need a little skill and muscle if your installing yourself.
sparkledust, WI
out of 19 reviews
Great dehumidifier
Really pulls moisture out of the air. I could really tell the difference simply by the smell of the fresh air.
UncleCraig, TN
This is just what I needed. Works wonderfully. Really gets that excess moisture out. The way my house is set up I am going to purchase 2 more at perhaps different sizes. I am 71 with a very bad back and I can still handle the 30 unit. Thank you for a very good product.
stroecker102, FL
This dehumidifier works good, I have been emptying it 3 and 4 times a day, it shuts off when full, and the little red ball let's you see how full the container is, if you have a basement this is a must have, the basement smells better.
didi1jesus, OH
out of 11 reviews
yuck! in a great way
I had buyers regret immediately. I waited to use this - couch and bed cover where my cat sleeps. Horrified in a wonderful way. What yuck came off the couch and bed. I was happy and grossed out simultaneously! Glad I bought it. Buyers remorse gone! No way to leave a pic, but I took one anyway to prove to myself!
No regret
I thought that this would be a splurge that I would regret. After a partial vac of my bed; meaning a made bed with bedding cleaned a few days earlier; that is no longer an issue. I was horrified by what I got out on 1 pillow alone. Today Im washing all the bedding and going over the mattress and the pillows again. Its amazing what I got out from 1 passing. Keeper! As for allergies; I woke up a little less congested which may improve with a through vacuuming.
doates15, MI
Great for Allergies in Hawaii
I am also a neat freak and have used this vacuum directly on my mattress, bed sheets, pillows, blankets, and computer chairs. Please mention that it comes with an extra filter, a stand, and explain the retractable cord - very handy. I thought I previously had bed bugs, but the exterminators said that I probably had spiders biting me and not bed bugs. So now I use this every week and after washing my filter I let it sit out in the hot sun to air dry. I also have a new mattress and bed spring.
HappyinHawaii, HI
out of 5 reviews
Bissell Products
I bought this to use with my Bissell Crosswave and highly recommend this cleaning solution.
sandkels, GA
Loving it
A lot better than SwifferJet
PopeJon, NV
makes it easy
I LOVE my crosswave! I also have multiple different surfaces that connect to each area. I just use one solution to get all the areas done at once.
carolra, MA
out of 5 reviews
vornado vfan all metal fan
excellent product you will not be sorry when you use this fan it cools and we have it in front of a register
Allie7, MO
Great Fan
This Vornado Classic fan is great. It works very well & is less noisy than other fans I have.I especially like the chromed metal construction. The fan is heavy & sturdy, well made, unlike so many of the cheap plastic fans. I believe it will last longer than a cheaper plastic fan. I wish the price were lower though. Overall I am very pleased with this fan.
thehavendfw, TX
great little fan.looks great too.
patriot4life, OK