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Best Dooney & Bourke Reviews

out of 10 reviews
D&B Satchel
I chose black and like the bag because I can use the handles or the strap - leather is nice - size is great for all I need to carry on most days - I'll be honest in stating I like the double handles the best - easy to grab and go.
lmd8444, FL
Newest Donney
Love the color and size. Donney purses are awesome
Sunshine1554, KY
Dooney Bag
Perfect size. Love the front pocket.
Doreen65, CT
out of 4 reviews
So beautiful ~
Such great style. The leather is beautiful, the braiding on the handle and the buckle on the sides in a contrasting leather color is so good looking. Enough room to carry a 13" Tablet/PC, a crossbody 9" bag for hands free shopping and a makeup bag with room to spare for readers, a scarf and gloves. If you are on the fence, I would say this is a real winner.
Savvy-1-, OR
This bag is ALOT bigger than I expected. It says Medium but Id hate to see the large bag. Its beautiful the color is spot on, leather is soft and inviting. Im able to carry everything I need in this bag and then some. Best Christmas gift I ever bought myself.
Peacenik7609, NV
Over the years I have had many Dooneys. This one is amazing quality. The workmanship and materials are as good now as 20 years ago. I love the size of this bag (I am 5'2" and it does not overwhelm me). The deep zipper pocket keeps my wallet safe and secure. The slim lines fold beautifully under my arm when on shoulder. It also works well on the lower arm. I cannot say enough about this bag! I purchased the black with tan strap. A bag color good all year long.
Rushi, CA
out of 4 reviews
I love my new Dooney and the teal is so pretty.
rhonded1239, KY
Finally a purse for mature women!
Way too Heavy
Dooney's are beautiful - but they have yet to move into the modern era and make their bags light. Great design. Plenty of pockets, zippers for security in crowded or subways. All good - but so incredibly heavy like a large full briefcase. Dooney forgets we then have to load up these bags with all our stuff for the day - makeup, papers, cellphones, ipads, wallets. Dooney has to come into the modern age and design light luxury. Don't know if I'll actually be able to use or have to return.
out of 14 reviews
This purse is the perfect size! First my wallet, phone, keys, and a lipstick! As a mommy of 2 with my 3rd on the way I love the cross body design. And how simple it is. It feels like freedom! I dont carry junk in my purse anymore just the basics and I'm out the door. The quality is everything you would expect and more its a beautiful purse! Love the hook handle. I do wish there wasA back pocket to easily slide in a phone but honestly I can place it in the bag and I always know just where it is
Debtfreemom, TX
I was looking for a small black bag that could be dressed up or down. It's the perfect size for wallet, phone, keys and lip gloss. The leather is extremely sturdy and scratch-resistant. I wasn't sure if I would like the clasp but it is effortless to use and secure. I was on the fence for a while due to the price but after using the bag, I've decided it was well worth it. Excellent quality and timeless style.
Dcs8179, NJ
Great Buy
THIS Purse is ADORABLE! Strong, sturdy, good color.
Deborah629, IN
out of 46 reviews
So great!!
debijoey, MI
Love the wallet so beautiful and simple
janice6, KY
cute wallet but
but It seems models style starting to look old school. I am ready for a different design style of brand. Seems like all purses kind of look the same boring style. Ready to explore other luxury brands.
FC2015, MI