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Best Commemorative Coins Reviews

out of 4 reviews
Star Trek Coin
Love it. Happy to have it.
Flash20, WV
Great coin
This is a very nice silver Star Trek collectors coin with very limited mintage. Can't wait til other follow.
HistoryNut64, AR
I like the presentation as well as the beautiful coin. Can't wait for the next one
wxyz1, CA
out of 14 reviews
Wonderful coin!
What is there not to love? Perfect FDOI first curved coin in history. I love this coin along with all the other many coins I've bought from Mike.
Markef, IN
Packaging and quality the best!
1harddrive, FL
Nice coin.
I really dislike baseball, but when I saw this coin I just had to have it. Really cool shape. A must have. Even if you dislike baseball.
Diannemajik3, AZ
out of 11 reviews
Bicentennial Silver coin collection
Great set for any coin collector!
Woodman45, WI
Coins look untouched for 44 years
jk75mc, CA
Unique set
The set i received was better than advertised. Great Cameo
GSD-fb85, CA
out of 7 reviews
Awesome coin
Great looking coin and a must have for any collector.
ginmaster, TX
Apollo Silver Dollar
Its great to have a piece of history. The design is simply beautiful.
LordDallas, MD
Review Apollo 11 50th Anniv. Dollar
Beautiful coin however rather expensive.
Fasteddieslye, NY
out of 12 reviews
Nice piece
Heavy I was surprised at the weight.
inga990, UT
Great collector piece, nice!, collect for the future never know
Kenney8, WI
Beautiful silver bar
A really nice piece of silver.
1Bulldogs1, GA
out of 20 reviews
I purchased this set as a gift for my son-in-law and I know he will be extremely pleased. The set is in absolutely perfect condition. The coins are all '2005' as advertised. The $2 bill is perfect. I can't praise these coins enough. I am going to give this set and the book "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen E. Ambrose to my son-in-law. The book is the journey of Lewis and Clark. If you are on the fence and if you are a history buff, you won't be sorry. At least I was not.
boss45, PA
Nice set
This set of coins and currency are a nice combination of the Lewis and Clark nickels, Sacagawea dollar, and $2 bill. A good addition to my collection.
Nancys52, GA
This is a great gift for my son to pass on to his daughter .. very happy with the set.
LakelandFL, FL