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out of 10 reviews
Nice Coins
Don't know how the auto ship is going to proceed since new coin came out.
Sportyperson, MI
1st Class
Excellent product was just what I was looking for. Shipped promptly.
Chowguy, FL
3 coin Inaugural vs. 4 coin.
I have no problem with the product, they were beautiful. I feel like I was baited as I signed up for this 3 coin Innovation Dollar Auto-Ship only to find out later that a reverse proof emerged and now a 4 coin set was being offered. I cancelled the 3 coin and signed up for the 4 coin. Hopefully they will become very desirable in the future as I still have the 3 coin inaugural set.
GiveMeProof, CT
out of 6 reviews
Cute product
Love the coke machine and the bottle caps. Coins were fantastic
ConeyCoaster, NY
Unique and cool!
The bottle cap coin of Coca-Cola has been done before, but this is the first time this 4 coin set has been put together. The coin itself is amazing, but what I love is the tin it came in. This collector's set is a bit pricey, but so worth it!
Jchris09, TX
Excellent Choice
Received yesterday and they are awesome!
rjenn, OK
out of 6 reviews
Very nice!
I love having this penny in highest grade from this set! I also bought the Kennedy Half Dollar and the dime from the Explore & Discovery set. I love all the coins. Mike makes coin collecting fun, great coins at fair prices.
Markef, IN
2019 Explore & Discover Penny/Planchet
Great coin set
susilou, FL
Worth it for me
First review written. I really like the set and it fits my purpose. I bought this one and one from the Mint for my grandson. He can "learn" with the inexpensive Mint one and have this one for his collection in later years. Also picked up the 5 silver National Parks quarter set to accompany it.
SoDakMark, SD
out of 5 reviews
Uncirculated mint set for Christmas
I purchased the 2019 pure silver set earlier in the year and my granddaughters aged 7 and 9 loved it. So this year for Christmas I purchased them the less expensive uncirculated mint set to maybe get them a little more interested in coin collecting. Ill try to get them to appreciate how special these sets are.
fleck8, IN
Beautiful Coin
Always nice to get a good product!!
Sportyperson, MI
Lincoln Pennies
Very pleased with the new version of the Lincoln cents. It will be a great Christmas gift for my relatives.
LordDallas, MD
out of 5 reviews
2018 S Reverse Proof Silver Nickel & Dime
Very happy with these coins. Beautiful reverse proof coins.
MetalCollector58, DC
Very Nice!!
Always nice to get a good product!!
Sportyperson, MI
Great coins!
These are wonderful coins. Mike has never disappointed on any of the many coins I've bought.
Markef, IN
out of 5 reviews
Great collector pieces, I love to admire them.
buyright, NY
What a great set. Love them all
jordon11, OH
These coin set are colorful and very well ingraved
Overedge20, NV
out of 4 reviews
Nicest golden dollar yet
This is the p & d of the anniversary of the first man on the moon this coin will never be made like this again. I think this coin will be worth something in years to come
Jackfrosty, PA
A beautiful set of coins. The price was right and the quality of these items are outstanding.
LordDallas, MD
Got a set for our greatgrandson just born June 5th and set for my husband!!! Holy cow wasn't expecting to see a slide rule on the table. My goodness this has got alot of history on the back of the coin!!! They sent a man to the moon using a slide rule. The formula even on the back is really over the moon. Sad it is not a MS70 but that is OK because it is still nice
TfromGeorgia, GA
out of 4 reviews
What a great set!
Rodney1967, AK
great as expected
all high quality coins great buy
starski12, IL
U.S. Mint 225 Anniv. 10-coin Set.
Highest Quality Addition to my Coin Collection.
Chedy, PA
out of 7 reviews
my husband loved collects coins
vjb, IN
2019 Mint Proof & RP 69 1909 Lincoln Penny
Set is beautiful but the penny is WONDERFUL
Cindy10241955, NY
2019 proof set w/extra penny
Great coin set. The penny was the star of the deal.
susilou, FL
out of 9 reviews
Great value
Just what I was wanting. Good value and excellent presentation. Shipped promptly.
Chowguy, FL
Great purchase
Although I have all three pennies directly from the mint, to have them graded and get even mint "69" is a toss-up. This set includes the display case and is sure to be a collector's item.
Rodney1967, AK
Very happy with my purchase
cajun-boy, MT