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Tastes great--you get exactly 24 coffee bags.
There's no ready made decaf cold brew out there. So you have to make your own by buying beans and having them coarse ground. Grady's Cold Brew pre-made ground coffee bag option is a really good easy option. Host is incorrect in the video (3:30 point), she says, "Your're getting 6 of the bags and each bag you're going to get 6 of the bags." Not true, you're only getting 4 of the coffee filled bags in 1 package, not 6. So 6 packages with 4 bags in each = 24, not 36. I called Brady's to verify.
shamrockrepublic, MI
Gradys Cold Brew New Orleans Coffee
I love it. I brew it hot and when it gets cold I still enjoy and more.
I drink iced coffee all through the year and wondered if this would be as good as freshly brewed coffee. It's better! If you like a rich, tasty coffee this is for you. It's particularly good for iced coffee because it loses none of its flavor. Glad I'm on auto-ship.
sheilamarie, IL
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Great coffee flavor
This is my first purchase and I'm very pleased. Will buy again. I got the decaf and it's not too weak nor too strong.
Pattycakes45, CA
Good Coffee
My grandson loves this coffee. I have it on auto- refill, just for him. It is too strong for me and I am more of a tea drinker. My grandson is an adult.
mayo645, NY
Love This Coffee!
I tried a variety pack of this coffee a year or more ago. Liked them but the Colombia is my favorite. It is rich but not overwhelmingly strong & has a slight bourbon tang to it. A friend says she detects a butterscotch flavor. Wonderful.
honestbroker, VA