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out of 6 reviews
Top of the Line Coffee
After purchasing a few assorted boxes of coffee I have always been disappointed until now. This coffee is of good quality & comparable to the best you can buy. Very pleasantly surprised!
winterperson, TX
I love rhe coffee. They all have unique flavors. I would order again. I think they are worth the money.
marion64, MD
Love love love the taste of this coffee and the variety.
chrmme, MN
out of 4 reviews
Andes chocolate mint coffee pods
Absolutely delicious, they taste exactly like the candy.
collietwins, PA
Chocolate Mint Delight..
These kcups are so flavorful..Highly recommend them..Don't hesitate if your a mint chocolate fan these are it..
Neenie6, FL
Great for gifting
This was my second order. First order was more of a variety of flavors during Thanksgiving. My son and daughter-in-law enjoyed the Andes candy flavor the best so I bought them this for their Keurig.
Onceuponatime424, KY
out of 8 reviews
Great coffee
Great coffeeLove the flavor Ive actually shared these with my daughter she also loves the flavor I would buy them again for gifts I usually buy coffee around Christmas time and give it out
jordan11, CA
Nice variety
My husband and I have enjoyed trying this variety. Love the blueberry pie and the Colombian flavors. We have never tried this brand and are enjoying the smooth flavor of the Colombian. This is our night time, slow down after dinner enjoyment.
Beekmanbuyer, OH
Good coffee. Good price. Grab one out of the box and its always a surprise and always good.
Kappyd50, FL
out of 7 reviews
First Time Grady's Drinker
When I ordered this, I decided not to do an auto-ship in case I didn't like the taste. Boy was that a mistake.My first taste and I loved it. If you haven't listened to the video with this do so before you take your first drink. The gentleman stated that it would be sweet enough without the sugar. But I like my coffee sweet so I added in some stevia. Then this morning, going in for my second coffee, I found the creamer added just the right amount of sweetness without being overly sweet.
LynnAR85, MA
Tastes great--you get exactly 24 coffee bags.
There's no ready made decaf cold brew out there. So you have to make your own by buying beans and having them coarse ground. Grady's Cold Brew pre-made ground coffee bag option is a really good easy option. Host is incorrect in the video (3:30 point), she says, "Your're getting 6 of the bags and each bag you're going to get 6 of the bags." Not true, you're only getting 4 of the coffee filled bags in 1 package, not 6. So 6 packages with 4 bags in each = 24, not 36. I called Brady's to verify.
shamrockrepublic, MI
Gradys Cold Brew New Orleans Coffee
I love it. I brew it hot and when it gets cold I still enjoy and more.
out of 9 reviews
Hello Darkness Yumminess
This dark roast coffee Had a nice bold, rich, and almost nutty taste!! Upon initial taste, I did not expect it to taste this delicious compared to my favorite competing brands!!The one with the penguin the Dark and Handsome will not disappoint those coffee drinkers who love a rich and dark cup of coffee!Will totally repurchase!
Vanessa_7, ID
This coffee taste like a blueberry cake...sweeter than Green Mountain which is more blueberry muffin.
chalona, MS
Tastes Great!
If you like a dark roast and your coffee strong you will like this.
Babs27614, NC
out of 13 reviews
Love this
Great coffee , love the double caffeine , great taste as well . My second order , and will order again .
Sheri57, WA
Nice Strong Coffee Pods!
I enjoyed each and every one of these flavors and plan to reorder.
MinkiesMom, AZ
I love this coffee so much. It's the best I ever had. I love strong flavorful coffee. There's no bitterness and no after taste. just perfect. I went to buy more just now it's all sold out. So sad.
lurch4, NJ
out of 8 reviews
Assorted Flavors is a GREAT Idea
I usually buy my pods at Keurig, but you have to commit to an entire box. Great if you love the flavor, but disappointing if you don't. I thought I'd give these a try. The flavors are mostly great and make me want to purchase an entire box of my favorites, but being able to rummage around and find one that fits my mood at the time is satisfying. These flavors are very prominent so you'll never ask what you're tasting. I'll be back for more.
puddytat2, WI
Love the coffee
Love the coffeeDefinitely love the flavors of the coffee they are so much fun I have a lot of coffee lovers in my family and I usually buy coffee for Christmas time and give it out so I will buy this again for Christmas
jordan11, CA
Good variety
Interesting flavors. Good
49joan, NY
out of 9 reviews
Very pleasantly surprised with this coffee. Medium, smooth with no bitterness. I am going on auto ship. I make it in my vintage percolator and it comes out perfect!! However, the kcups should not have been dumped in to the coffee, but should have been put in a separate container. I dont like it when Curtis takes short cuts on things.
georgiaN1, GA
Good tasting coffee
This is some good tasting coffee I got this coffee to make some ice coffee in the summertime is coming up soon Im plan on buying some more of this coffee soon
cup6, MA
Amazing Curtis Stone Coffee
Amazing Coffee, great flavor and finish, with out being bitter like a lot of the gourmet local coffee chains, my favorite. buying for friends as gifts
out of 6 reviews
It is just as good as the candy, you can even taste the dark chocolate.
Happines, AZ
This coffee is absolutely delicious. I cant get enough of it. Its almost like eating the actual candy. So wonderful hot after dinner relaxing on the porch. Highly recommend if you like cherry & chocolate mix. Im coming back for more. Mmmm
Beachs1955, NY
Great flavor!
I really like this flavor, esp. with cream. It's a nice treat. I will purchase again.
Meowmagic, NV
out of 5 reviews
yummy what else can i say....a very nice variety of delicious flavors.and the price is excellent...thank you HSN Java coffee is a good brand.
maxinelj, AZ
Good Quality - Great Price !
I enjoy a variety pack when buying an unfamiliar brand so I can try the different selections. I really liked every one offered . I prefer a medium roast and I think this compares well with other more expensive and trendy blends. Would definitely buy again.
Great variety
Ive almost stopped buying pods at the grocery store. I get such a great variety and better deals through HSN.
princessbabz1, OR