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out of 17 reviews
Excellent product great quality
This cooling rack is fabulous! Extremely large it holds almost 2 dozen cookies. Washes easily either by hand on in the dishwasher. Have used it 4 times before reviewing and can state that I would definitely buy this again, and may indeed get another!
Kdunn, VA
Well made and lots of surface
These are a nice size, bought 2 and they will cover the island area nicely for cooling baked goods. Good price, and will probably keep in mind for gifts since the granddaughters are starting to do baking.
ColoradoRed, ME
baking buddy
When i received my cooling rack,I used it right away and it worked out great. My cake cooled completely in much less time. I should have ordered this much sooner. Great results. Happy customer.
blueeyes251, RI
out of 5 reviews
build up cookies
These are going to be so much fun to make. I can't wait
lor7, OH
so cute and easy
I love this set. The cutters are small and a great size for kid cookies. We made the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. Simple icing design. They came out so cute and had rave reviews. Looking forward to making the other designs.
goldsteinrs3, FL
Sweet Sugarbelle Cutters
Love finding Sweet Sugarbelle products! All SSB cutters are amazing!
jshoit, IA
out of 8 reviews
Helpful Book
A lot of great ideas and.pictures.
michigander32, MI
Cake Book
Great ,I love cooking. And plan to Bake with flair!!!!
tbaby6, AZ
Very Nice...
I purchased as a gift for someone who retired and took up baking as a hobby. He makes the best cakes and pies. But, he wants to learn how to decorate the cakes. So, I purchased it for a Christmas gift. I am sure he will love it. It has the information for him to now decorate those delicious cakes. Thank you HSN...Happy Hoilday's.
Donna974, NY
out of 8 reviews
love the mini-muffin pan, my family had a breakfast brunch for Father's Day and I made crust less breakfast quiche, it came out perfect. My purchase arrived the Friday before Father's day because I ordered late. Sooo Happy
debbiedenise10, CA
sandy42931, OH
love it
love it
debrapooh, TN
out of 5 reviews
OH the cookies to be made
When I saw this I knew I had to buy it ! The Kid went Wild with all the animals. It was really fun to watch them pick out which ones the wa ted to decorate.
lor7, OH
great cutters
I ordered these for grandkids to use with play dough.great for that!
terri8764, WV
Good stuff
I was pleased with these cookie cutters. They were exactly as described online. The cutter are not too small or overly large. Just right. The price was right too.
mommycat6182, TX
out of 4 reviews
Cake pans
Needed new cake pans and finally found some. I bought two because I like to make double layered cakes. Seems like baking pans are coming with one round pan instead of two. That drives me crazy. These are nice highly recommend.
famousamos15401, PA
Very nice
Good Brand, good performance and I really like these cake pans. Wilton is a good and trusted Brand.
TexasBrat44, TX
nice pan highly reckamended
out of 32 reviews
These are awesome. . .easy to use and easy to clean. I bake in them, serve, and store in the refrigerator. Love it.
Foodie911, MD
Cooking with Grandson and G-Pa
I purchased these silicone baking cups for my 8 year old Grandson to use when he and G-Pa get their bake on. He loves to bake cupcakes and has his own little set of baking supplies. These cups are so easy to use and clean. The fill line on the inside helps to avoid overfilling but there is plenty of room left for those who like muffin tops. The silicone is pretty thick and sturdy. Peel them off and turn them inside out for easy washing and they go right back into shape. I usually use bleach in my dishwater, but just hot soapy water does the trick. Air dry and stack for convenience. We've only used them a couple of times, so I will update my review if necessary.
lawless420, FL
No More Paper Cups!!
I love to bake, but one thing I think we all hate is the paper cups. When you need them you don't have enough, or they stick to the food. These are little miracles!. Super easy to use. Even has a fill line to show you where to stop filling so you don't over fill them. Saving you time and a mess! Just bake, let cool then pop them out! Perfect each time! I wish I had gotten these sooner!
Jonathana23, KY
out of 32 reviews
Do the job
This is the only spatula set you need . You have a different kind and all three. I love the texture and the way they work. I also love the color because my apartment is done in Caribbean colors.
BChase, OK
Thanks for this one!
This is just what I needed. My old spatulas were on their very last legs. I like that these spatulas are flexible and can be used to stir hot foods. This is just one of those products that we don't think about updating when they get old but I am happy I remembered to order myself this new set. Yeah for me!
mynudge, NY
Great Bowl Scraper
Used the large spatula for the first time yesterday to scrape the bowl after mixing a cake. It works wonderfully well. Because it gives, it does a clean scraping of the bowl. Will be using this often.
glorym, NY
out of 7 reviews
work good
but not happy that it crack on the side when i used it
Trickymom42, MI
I had this delivered to my daughter while she was taking her Wilton Cake Decorating class. She loves it and relayed it helped her with control and product savings.
HappyChopper, TN
Great, Easy to Use!
Love it! Excellent for kids who want to bake and decorate. I've used it quite a bit, and I haven't had but a month or two. But, it's worth the price, and so much fun. I use boxed cake mix, and a simple butter cream frosting and toppings for cupcakes and the kids love!
Sunbliss, IL
out of 7 reviews
Great little muffin pan
I used these pans to make apple bites for Thanksgiving and they were wonderful! Everything comes right out of the pan and it is so easy to clean.
PAT2031, NJ
perfect size for my new smart oven
love it...perfect, great value too
Makes mini muffins quick and easy
easy to use and easy to clean...fun little muffins..nice alternative to those huge ones being sold all over...
sdcowboy, SD