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Best BISSELL® Reviews

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Excellent Little Carpet Shampooer
I just finished cleaning my carpets with this machine. It is a small cleaner but I have a small house so it is perfect for me. It is light, easy to fill shampoo tank, and remove the dirty water tank. I'm impressed with the performance as I was able to get out dirt that professional cleaners have left behind telling me the carpet is worn and is creating shadows. The best thing is now I can clean my carpet whenever I want to and not depend on "professional" cleaners on their time.
Chip1953, FL
Excellent!! Recommended!
I bought the Bissell Big Green machine from Adam in 2013. Still works great , but big and heavy. Will use this Bissell for frequent cleaning on smaller areas and after my dogs have accidents. This machine is easy to operate and navigate. Light. It really sucks out the water well! Does an excellent job! 5 star! I also got the small Bissell pet eraser. Good for very small spots. I would rate it 4 stars after a few uses. Could be easier to clean after. Front part hard to remove to clean.
Love it!!!!!
It gets the job done! Lightweight, easy to handle. I had a Bissell that lasted several years till it played out & had to rent cleaners. I saw this one and had to have it. When my husband is happy with it, you know it's good. Elaine
emac62, TX
out of 11 reviews
DEE108, NJ
Love, love, love!!!
I love this air purifier, and now I have two one for downstairs (800-1,000 sf) and upstairs (800-900 sf)! Runs quietly!
Diana0903, PA
This was bought for allergies & dust. So far it has helped with both. However, it is louder the higher it is put at to work harder, but at low is quite. Also, the front panel is loose at the top if you pull on it.
ldnash, MI
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Great Vacuum cleaner
The handiest, best vacuum I have had. I ordered it because the one I had (another brand) was very heavy to use and move around. I love not having to worry about a cord and i love how easy it is to charge and empty. I recommended it to my sister and she ordered one !
Tenngal985, TN
Wonderful Vacuum
All I can say is I love this thing. I've only had it a couple of weeks but so far working great. The only thing is I wish it came with an extra filter but I can purchase that elsewhere.
cookie56, PA
Love this vaccum
Love this light weight cordless vaccum!With the adjustable handle, my 7 year old grandson loves to use it. I bought one for each of my 3 children as well.
Nanny16, AZ
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Very thorough
I was looking for an alternative to cleaning floors on my hands and knees and constantly changing water. After I do the floors, I go around the trim with a wet cloth and its amazing that the machine cleans so closely to the wall. The only learning curve I have found is that you cant go too quickly like you would with a vacuum cleaner. You need to slow down in the high traffic areas. I am extremely happy with this machine.
artist2202, WI
love this one
Cleans Very Good rugs and floor never had a better one smells so good old rugs look new .very happy with it easy to use as well
millard8, VT
Love Love Love this!
I wish I had made this purchase years ago! I have 2 large dogs and am constantly sweeping. I have hardwood floors and tile, and the multi-surface cleaner really polishes them up! I like the multi-surface cleaning solution better than the one I bought separately for hardwood floors, though
Dianne65, MO
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Selected wrong size
I bought the Symphony Pro plus pet steam mop, and ordered extra, pro steam mop pads + pet sanitizers. However their is apparently a few different models, I had to call CS to confirm hsn did not carry Symphony Pro pet steam mop product accessories for this particular item. But go to product manufacture to order from them. Since I bought item from hsn I hope in the future they'll have stock so I may remain with hsn where originally purchased. So not start a new account with another company. FYI.
Joyce2109, CA
Pet disks kit
Responding to SpecialKayPups/NY- are you referring to the scent disks? They are meant to be placed inside a small pouch inside the mop heads & when you turn on the steam, the disk will release the aroma.
Sammy5236, IL
Works great
Glad I got the extra pads, I dont have to wait until one is clean. I can use multiple pads while cleaning.
Happyshopper877, NM