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Best Beyond Paint Reviews

out of 5 reviews
Love it painted a wood bar top. Beautiful
tokyo8181, NY
Awakened Chairs
This paint worked marvelously. I gave it a real test!! on some flee market dark wood chairs that were marked up pretty badly I wish I could show you pictures!!
Patricia268, PA
This worked just as demonstrated. I did some cafe doors and they look good as new.
MaryF1962, CA
out of 61 reviews
A Dream Paint Finally No Prime No Fuss
Absolutely the best paint I have used yet .. I painted my kitchen cabinets wow amazing no lines two coats looks fantastic.. worth the money truly great paint goes a long way
Andrea682, NH
Great Paint!
This is truly one of the best ideas that has come around in a long time. Last year, we were trying to get our house up to par to sell. Our counter tops were bright orange! We used the sage for the counter and the darker brown for the cabinets. Looked like a million bucks! Plus there was no sanding etc., just a good scrub for grease. And to let you know, it took less then 4 days for our house to sell!
Terry5158, NC
Great paint
Awesome paint. Want more colors for more projects
Dianets, SC
out of 18 reviews
Easy and Very Nice Results
This kit performed exactly as described. It covered two ugly, faux butcher block 8' formica countertops and a 42" round dark wooden table top with two coats. The flakes were easy to add. Before you begin it might be helpful to watch the video first, as the included instructions are in a pamphlet and somewhat vague. I applied two coats of sealer and after almost 10 days the surface is durable with no scratches or peeling. Give yourself 1-2 days to finish, mostly due to drying times between coats.
LaterGator71, FL
Cou yet and kitchen cabinets
I did the countertop and the cabinets over a year ago and I've had no problems and the kitchen just looks beautiful. I just love it. Everyone who comes to visit thinks I hired someone to redo the kitchen. My friend paid 37,000 to redo her kitchen and I have to tell you I like mine better.
kip1140, CO
This is absolutely wonderful
At first I was scared to use this paint then I decided to take a chance because I needed new countertops anyway so what did I have to lose .this paint is wonderful I did my kitchen and I can't believe how beautiful it looks this paint saved me from getting new tops love love love .don't be afraid to try it it does what it says.thanks hsn for having this product. 5 stars for sure.
5Beachgirl5, DE
out of 122 reviews
This stuff is amazing. I ordered it for my night stand that had some peeling and cracking on the surface. OMG! it looks like a brand new piece of furniture. So easy, just follow the instructions. Very simple for the AMAzing results. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!
nikki3227, TN
Incredible paint!
No wonder this sells out all the time. It is great paint and does what it says it will do. One coat, no priming and it seals itself. I will be painting my front door the red and the bottom of my kitchen cabinets the navy. I have the nantucket blue on my bathroom vanity. If you think you are going to find this at your local big box home store...think again..they sell out too. Wish HSN could keep this in stock more.
I LOVE this paint, Ive never worked with this before. But since Ive tried it, I will use nothing else. It goes on thick, and when I was painting my table I thought I would have to do a second coat on the legs but magically it was all covered when I went to check it out an hour later.
Pam596, IL
out of 9 reviews
Great Product!
Bought this to paint an old piece of furniture. I did not want to do any work to the furniture in preparation to paint. Just clean it. This paint did the trick and the furniture looks new. Want more colors!!!!!Please
TheDonsk, MD
Love this paint
Im a DIYer and have been trying all types of paint on my projects. I LOVE this paint. It does not require any top coat, its smooth and levels beautifully! I painted a wooden desk for my nephew who is highly allergic. This paint did not bother him at all. I painted Sunday and he was using it for virtual school on Monday! I will absolutely be purchasing this product again.
Singssweet, PA
great coverage
I painted a ugly brown sewing machine cabinet nantucket color and it looks so pretty the finish is really nice!! Loved it and would buy again Thanks!
patty288, FL
out of 107 reviews
I returned item because I couldnt use it myself.......wish I had kept it because my son is with me now
Marymary7, NC
It works
I bought the off white to paint over my kitchen cabinetsWell, I chickened out and painted on my 40 year oak china cabinet Tspd the oak and put a coat on with a brush. OkRan out and bought a small roller and it makes all the difference. Very smooth.Im buying the sealer also.
2wichs, OH
Patience and following directions is key!
The paint works great as long as you follow the directions completely! Use the roller mentioned, use the brush as described, let painted furniture set for the amount of days listed and your project will turn out fabulous! This isn't a one day paint and then your project is complete. This is a paint that you will have to use a second, maybe third coat (depending on how dark the original color you're painting over was) that you have to let sit to allow drying time for the paint to work correctly.
TT1978, IN