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Best Bathroom Cleaners Reviews

out of 19 reviews
Great Eco cleaner
The tub and tile cleaner works on more than just tub, I used it to clean the sink the toilet bowl. It left my bathroom smelling so fresh!
rosaflor, IL
Works with easy spray and wipe. Alittle more scrubbing on the build up spots in the shower but easy for a 78 year old lady who doesn't have much strengh left in her hands. Love it and terrible smell to choke you.
kathlyn12, FL
It works
I am able to use more often, since there are no harsh chemicals. I really like it.
Nicnurse3, FL
out of 87 reviews
Works great
I use faithfully on a monthly basis in all my drains, including washing machine drain. I let set overnight and flush in morning. A pound of prevention!!!!!!
Marlene2012, TN
Works great!
I will buy this again when I run out.
Macie86, OR
Clogged drain gone away
Follow directions and you will be very pleased. My drains have never moved so quickly before. Works great!!
Biggmama, IL
out of 12 reviews
Glass cleaner
Beekman is my favorite seller. Good product
Noellinn, SC
glass cleaner
This is just as good as the major brand glass cleaners but better because i use it on my computer and phone screens as well. Just make sure to spray it on the towel first.
boyohboy, OH
Concentrated Glass cleaner
I am astonished at how sparkling clean it leaves the windows.Very happy with it.
Twinstar2, AL
out of 50 reviews
This is a great product. I hate to clean that area.
mare853, NJ
Works great!
First time buying the toilet cleaner. Nothing I have bought has worked as well. We use regular Cloris cleaner wands as well but will be using this every few months to keep it looking new! I'm also a fan of the regular all purpose cleaner. Great products. Never can understand why any of these products get bad reviews!
klukaszek, KS
Superior toilet bowl cleaner
It completely removed lime and hard water stains immediately. Nice clean fragrance too. Didn't even have to scrub toilet.
beachgirl2, FL
out of 44 reviews
I had bought some spray stuff for your toilet from some other company and wanted to try yours and it works nice smell and I really like using it
rose1281, WA
works well
like the variety of fragrances
DT23, FL
Nice smell
At first I didnt think this was going to be as effective as the leading brand. I was wrong. The scent is so much nicer and it lingers in a most beautiful way. The glass bottle is beautiful.
princessbabz1, OR
out of 22 reviews
Yes, definitely BUY THIS!!
It REALLY WORKS!!! If you have ceramic tiles anywhere in your home, you will be very glad you have this. It really does help remove soap scum and dirt from the tiles. Just spray on your tiles, and if you can, spray right after your shower. Let it stay on several minutes, and then I splashed water in the tiles and see the tiles sparkle The next day after a shower, I took a few paper towels, and wiped the tiles, so the tiles are wet, Im not using anything other than a paper towelsparkle!!!
applecitygal, NY
Revitalize Soap Scum Remover
This stuff works wonders and what a great deal on clearance! Has a very nice scent also.
grandmacap, IL
Works Great
Bought this on clearance with free shipping and it works fantastic. Needed a replacement for bath credible and it works just as well as they say it does. Do not understand the bad reviews. I love it. As soon as they have free shipping, I am stocking up.
deedledee68, IL
out of 27 reviews
I was sold!
The very first time I tried Professor Amos' products, I got hooked. They are my go to products. I wouldn't waste my money nor time on anything else. And when I see I'm getting low on them, I surely am out looking for when they are back on air. Don't want to miss any of their product's.
Granma12, FL
It Works
This is one of the best drain clearer that I have ever used. Will not be caught without it.
Batwater, MD
Re-order of same item
I reordered Professor Amos items when I run out because they seem to work well. I gave my other container to my daughter who had drain issues, so I needed to restock my supply. Thanks, great product
Blueyz, IL