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Women's COMPLETE-100 with Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 - Auto-Ship®

This high-potency formula builds upon the protection offered in our COMPLETE multivitamin by adding benefits of our unique Omega-3 Oil and 100mg each of these six vital ingredients: Co Q-10, ALA, Resveratrol, EGCG, Pomegranate and Citrus Bioflavonoids.

Women's COMPLETE-100 w/Maximum Essential OMEGA-3-60 AS
  • Women's COMPLETE-100 w/Maximum Essential OMEGA-3-60 AS
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Where is the iron?

I have only been taking the vitamins for a short period of time and they seem to be good. However, I am disappointed to discover that there is no iron in it... I guess it is my fault for nit noticing this before purchasing it... But I figured a vitamin with a name "complete" would actually be complete...

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Kellybrus, NY
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Product Details

Andrew Lessman Women's COMPLETE-100 with Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 - Auto-Ship®
Andrew Lessman's COMPLETE-100 with Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 is the most comprehensive member of the COMPLETE family of formulas with, like its name describes, the added benefits of our unique Omega-3 Oils. Like all COMPLETE formulas it is 100% pure and contains only the nutrients you desire and no binders, fillers or additives of any kind.

COMPLETE-100 with Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 comes in easy-to-swallow capsules that are guaranteed gentle even to sensitive stomachs and free of any fishy aftertaste . It provides all the benefits you seek from a multi-vitamin without any of the problems normally associated with their use.

COMPLETE-100 with Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 delivers more than 40 nutrients, including high potencies of all essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, carotenoids and Omega-3 oils. COMPLETE-100 with Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 is the purest and mildest ultra-potency multi-vitamin possible. It provides 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3, along with high levels of all the B-complex vitamins, including 500 mcg of Biotin and 250 mcg of our specially protected Vitamin B-12, plus 1,000 mg of non-acidic Vitamin C, along with the powerful protection of key carotenoids, including Lutein (5,000 mcg), Lycopene (5,000 mcg) and hard-to-find Zeaxanthin (2,000 mcg).

Only the COMPLETE formulas provide Gamma Vitamin E, which experts agree is by far the most protective form of Vitamin E. Sadly, virtually every other multi-vitamin and separate Vitamin E formula uses inferior, less protective Alpha Vitamin E. Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 is our unique blend of Omega-3 fats from fish and flaxseed oil with NO fishy aftertaste, NO stomach upset, NO heavy metals and NO contaminants. Omega-3 fats are a common sense addition to any multi-vitamin, since like vitamins, they cannot be made by the body, so their benefits are only available from cold-water fish or a formula like Maximum Essential OMEGA-3. Sadly, because of the absence of cold-water fish from our diet, Americans typically lack the Omega-3's necessary to support heart, brain, eye and circulatory health. This formulla provides our highest levels of DHA and EPA, along with ALA from Flaxseed oil. The heart and circulatory benefits of Omega-3's have been long established, but DHA's critical role in brain and eye structure and function have made it the most important of the Omega 3's. Fish oil is recognized for its extensive health benefits, but it is equally well-known for its nasty aftertaste and its potential for contaminants and stomach upset. Our Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 provides all the benefits you seek from fish oil with NO mercury, NO contaminants and absolutely NO stomach upset or fishy aftertaste.

 The "100" in Complete-100 refers to the 100 mg of six vital ingredients this formula includes: Coenzyme Q-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, EGCG, Pomegranate and Citrus Bioflavanoids.

What You Get 

  • Women's COMPLETE-100 with Maximum Essential OMEGA-3 - 60 Packets

Made in USA

Good to Know

  • This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




Anti Aging


Bone Health

Brain Function

Cardiovascular Health


How to Use
  • For best results and optimum absorption, consume the contents of 1 packet (7 capsules) with food, preferably a complete meal
  • You can consume all capsules at 1 time with a meal, or simply divide them throughout the day with food
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