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Resveratrol-Green Tea-Grape Seed-Pomegranate - 30 Capsules


Provides a unique blend of four of nature's most well-researched and respected sources of protective compounds - Resveratrol, Green Tea, Grape Seed and Pomegranate.

Resveratrol-Green Tea-Pomegranate - 30 Capsules
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it was slow in coming...

in the past I have taken the tea grape pills and was expecting higher return for my money~! This is still under a trial bases and we will see after a few weeks what the results will be in vital status and vittles~but as I said I have always bought the tea with Resveratrol and I buy about four or five of your other supplements with good results but this will be up to my body to see if what you advertise is based on the truth or a sales hype~~I believe in the end it could be just a plecebo effect

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Foxtrot1945, MI
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Product Description

Resveratrol-Green Tea-Grape Seed-Pomegranate
Andrew Lessman’s Resveratrol with Green Tea, Grape Seed and Pomegranate Extracts provides a unique high potency blend of four of nature’s most well-researched and respected sources of protective compounds. For centuries, Resveratrol and Green Tea have been recognized as central to the healthy Mediterranean and Asian diets and today, clinical research has validated their protective anti-aging benefits.

Grape Seed is known for its exceptional levels of protective polyphenols, particularly OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins). Pomegranate is a centuries-old traditional remedy often referred to as “sacred fruit.” Scientists have identified the molecules behind its protective benefits and unlike Pomegranate juice or typical supplements, our unique extract ensures the delivery of these vital compounds.

It has only been in recent years that specialized extracts have made it possible to create this small capsule that contains exceptional levels of Resveratrol, along with high levels of the most important natural protective molecules from Green Tea, Grape Seed and Pomegranate. Best of all, we do so without any alcohol, caffeine, sugar, calories or additives of any kind.

What You Get

  • 30 Resveratrol-100 Green Tea-Grape Seed-Pomegranate easy-to-swallow capsules 

Made in USA

  • This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




Anti Aging


Brain Function

Breast Health

Cardiovascular Health

Circulatory Health

How to Use
  • Consume one or more capsules daily, or as recommended by a health care professional

Supplement Facts

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ProCaps Laboratories is unique not only for the 100% pure, additive-free supplements it produces, but also for the purity of the power used to create them.

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