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Andrew Lessman’s MAXIMUM L+Z is an ultra-high potency blend of Lutein and Zeaxanthin (L + Z), two dietary ingredients that physicians and experts consider to be important for eye, brain and skin health.

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Exceptional and the most surprising supplement!

I take Andrews vitamins for over 10 years now and swear by them. I was starting to have trouble with reading small letters especially when I had just woken up and look at my phone. I thought maybe Im at that age ( 43 yo). I have been taking Andrews Eye support for years, and never used any eyeglasses or contacts my entire life, but then I started to use readers lately. I ordered these and took them, I swear, only took one each night, after the 3rd night, my vision is back to normal. OMG!!

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nejelai, IL
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Product Description

Andrew Lessman Maximum L + Z
Andrew Lessman's Maximum L + Z is an ultra-high potency blend of Lutein and Zeaxanthin (L + Z), two dietary ingredients that physicians and experts consider to be critical for eye health. Diets rich in L + Z have long been associated with superior vision and eye health.

L + Z are most highly concentrated in the retina and macula of the eye where their unique molecular structure allows them to protect these delicate tissues from high-energy radiation and oxidation. Their concentration in the macula is so high that they provide both its color and its name, since in Latin the macula is called the macula lutea or yellow spot. L + Z are also referred to as “Optical Pigments,” since they also play a key role in the eye’s visual systems promoting visual acuity (sharpness of vision), as well as visual processing speed. Zeaxanthin also affords enhanced protection to the macula due to extremely high concentrations at the center of the retina.

In short, L + Z are at the top of any list of dietary ingredients that protect our eyes from a lifetime of normal age-related changes. L + Z also protect the skin, but it is the brain where substantial recent research has shown Lutein to be associated with superior cognitive function, memory and verbal fluency with age. The body cannot make L + Z and the typical American diet provides so little that supplementation remains the only viable option of ensuring the vital protection these critical nutrients provide to our eyes, brain and skin.

What You Get

  • 240 Andrew Lessman Maximum L+Z easy-to-swallow capsules

Made in USA

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Anti Aging


Brain Function

Breast Health


Women's Health

How to Use
  • Consume one or more capsules daily or as recommended by a health care professional
  • Since lutein is fat soluble, it should always be consumed with foods or a meal containing a small amount of fat or oil

Supplement Facts

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For more than 30 years, Andrew Lessman has been a leader in the development of advanced natural supplements that today he creates in his state-of-the-art 100% solar-powered facility in Henderson, Nevada.

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