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Cranberry Benefits


A uniquely protective and standardized concentrate of Cranberry fruit to support the health of the urinary tract.

Cranberry Benefits - 240 Capsules
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Cranberry Benefits

Great product; Ive been taking this for years.

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Product Description

Andrew Lessman Cranberry Benefits
Andrew Lessman's Cranberry Benefits is an all-natural, high-potency, standardized concentrate of Cranberry fruit.

Cranberry has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy and celebrated for its ability to support the health of the urinary tract, kidneys and bladder. In recent decades, clincial studies have validated Cranberry's extensive and wide-ranging health benefits, which include Cranberry's positive impact on the pH of the urinary tract, along with its contributing to a healthy balance of protective friendly flora in the bladder and kidneys.

Cranberry Benefits utilizes a 17 to 1 Cranberry concentrate that is standardized for fruit acids and Proanthocyanidins. Cranberries contain some of the highest levels of powerful, protective compounds (Proanthocyanidins and Anthocyanidins) that scavenge and quench free radicals throughout your body before they can cause cellular damage. The Cranberry concentrate employed in this formulas possesses an exceptionally high antioxidant capacity. It is rated on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale at 30,000 per 100 grams.

Cranberry fruit also contains Vitamin C in nature, so we complement this formula with the daily recommended intake for Vitamin C. Cranberry is among the healthiest of fruits, but until it becomes a staple in the Western diet, feel free to enjoy our healthy Cranberry Benefits without the sugar and calories of typical cranberry juice.

What You Get

  • 240 Cranberry Benefits easy-to-swallow capsules

Made in USA

Good to Know
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Anti Aging


Bladder Health

Kidney Health

Urinary Tract Health

Women's Health

How to Use
  • Consume one or more capsules daily, or as recommended by a health care professional

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