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ChocoNuvo Cacao Dark Chocolate


A dark chocolate with the texture of milk chocolate. ChocoNuvo combines the heart-healthy benefits of dark chocolate with Mother Nature’s most powerful and clinically proven cholesterol-reducing ingredient, Plant Sterols.

ChocoNuvo 74% Cacao Dark Chocolate - 180 Servings
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I hoard this as its my comfort food! I gave up buying other chocolates since this is not only delicious but with good for you ingredients.

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Product Description

Andrew Lessman ChocoNuvo 74% Cacao Dark Chocolate
CHOCONUVO combines the heart-healthy benefits of dark chocolate with Mother Nature’s most powerful and clinically proven cholesterol-reducing ingredient (Plant Sterols). Naturally occurring compounds in dark chocolate called Flavanols have long been known to promote heart and circulatory health. The unique combination of our natural Plant Sterols with our Flavanol-rich organic dark chocolate creates not only the creamiest and most luxurious dark chocolate you will ever taste, but also the first chocolate experience that naturally lowers cholesterol.

Cocoa was revered by ancient South and Central American cultures. In fact, Aztec emperor Montezuma proclaimed cocoa a divine beverage that fights fatigue, while Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes praised its benefits for physical endurance. For centuries, cocoa was not merely a source of nourishment, but of resilience, stamina and well-being. The scientific name for the cacao tree translates as "God’s drink". As admired as cocoa was by Native Americans, it is not surprising that it soon became equally prized in the 16th-century New World.
In recent years, interest in dark chocolate has exceeded that of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate provides higher levels of healthy Flavanols than milk chocolate and also contains less sugar, fat and calories, along with no added milk. It is this uniquely high level of Flavanols that imparts dark chocolate’s rich flavor and health benefits, but also causes its drier texture. CHOCONUVO’s unique marriage of rich dark chocolate with cholesterol-lowering Plant Sterols creates an exceptionally healthy dark chocolate that melts in your mouth like milk chocolate.

The normal American diet increases cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. As a result, millions of Americans take cholesterol-lowering drugs with their long list of harmful side effects. If you and your physician seek a natural tool to lower cholesterol, then CHOCONUVO is an ideal solution. We add the clinically proven cholesterol-lowering benefits of Plant Sterols to our heart-healthy 74% Organic Dark Chocolate. In fact, the 1,300 mg of Plant Sterols in just two CHOCONUVO squares is all you need to powerfully impact your cholesterol levels (according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, consuming at least 650 mg of Plant Sterol Esters twice daily with meals.)

What You Get

  • 180-count of Andrew Lessman ChocoNuvo 74% Cacao individually wrapped dark chocolate and plant sterol squares

Made in USA

Good to Know

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Cardiovascular Health


Heart Health

How to Use
  • Consume one or two delicious ChocoNuvo squares with each meal. For optimum cholesterol reduction, consume at least two squares daily.

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