Zinc 30 - 60 Capsules

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  • Zinc 30-60, (MLMflorida10 FL)

    I have been consuming this zinc supplement since September 2023 and find it pleas to take. It is odorless, tasteless and easy to swallow. I think its doing what its suppose to and Im feeling good with my immune, skin and digestive health. Im also not consuming much nuts lately so this very helpful!

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  • Great for genital herpes! , (Glamgirl8 MI)

    I read where zinc is a good supplement for genital herpes. I have only been taking one per day and it has controlled my breakouts. Amazing!

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  • Great, (rikita MI)

    Great product I take a variety of Andrews vitamins and he never disappoints.

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  • Love, love , (Patti181 NV)

    My husband and I have been taking Zinc since the start of Covid. It was, however, the store brand and very hard to swallow. Andrews Zinc is very easy to swallow. Thank you, Andrew, for all your vitamins.

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  • Amazing!, (Doktor TN)

    I have never been able to take a zinc supplement because of stomach upset. I had always heard of the benefits of zinc. No matter how much food I took it with, it made me sick. When I saw that Andrew came out with a zinc product and said it would not upset my stomach I jumped on it. This zinc is amazing! Not only is there no stomach upset but I have noticed other benefits. My sense of taste and smell have become more acute. I have also been sleeping better. Thank you! Another superior product.

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  • LOVE THEM!, (Tink55 CA)

    I love all of Andrew Lessman vitamins. They are by far the best on the market and well worth paying more for them then store bought which are chalky.

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  • They Work !, (Antenucci9180 TN)

    Easy to swallow. Love all the vitamins by Andrew Lessman

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  • Ms J, (Msjamc1104 FL)

    I Love this product it gives me energy and I'm not sluggish. Thank You

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  • Reordered to refill , (apq3Dgs IL)

    Ive taken zinc tablets fir sometime now & saw the good price on these plus free shipping so had to order. So glad I did as have np problems taking this brand as compared with others.

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  • Metallic taste after taking this product , (Paige412 PA)

    Ive been taking this for just over 10 days and have experienced a metallic taste when drinking or eating. I can breathe easily despite seasonal allergies, though. I love Andrews products. Will try taking this every other day

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  • Faith , (noname83 NM)

    I haven't had this product long enough to say, but I am a true believer in Andrew Lessman's supplements. Zinc is vital for women's health.

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  • Nausea, (splock MN)

    Like every other zinc product Ive taken, it makes me nauseous within 30 minutes of taking. No fault of Andrews; its just the nature of zinc. Wondering however, what Procaps thinks they are doing to it to solve this problem.

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  • Zinc , (aunttrisha NY)

    Normally love all of Andrew Lessman vitamins as they do not upset my stomach, unfortunately these make me extremely nauseous right after taking them. Cant be bothered returning as I will have to pay the return shipping.

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  • Zinc 30, (Baxter15 NJ)

    I would prefer 50mg. I have to take 4 of these to meet my 10,000mg a day.

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