Zadro Cordless Dual-Sided LED Vanity Mirror - Rose

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  • not as great as expected, (mimi2good WA)

    When I use the built in light my facial hair doesn't show up in mirror. But when I don't use the built in light & stand at window I can see how my removing the peach fuzz on face has caused me to develop wiskers. I am devastated that I listened to host boasting to dermaplan, use flawless shaver etc. Now have to shave my 69 yr. old mug everyday. Not happy!!

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  • great mirror, (bjack1010 NV)

    ok so mine is defective but it is a nice mirror,great size. it feels strurdy and looks expensive. im returning my led lights flickering.

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  • Arrived with fingerprints included!, (HeartofLasVegas NV)

    I guess HSN thinks their custmers are stupid that they can pawn off returns to us. This mirror had fingerprints on it and torn cardboard from someone already opening it, AND THE BATTERY COMPARMENT COVER WAS MISSING! I threw my receipt through the shredder because I figured the mirror was good. Just reused, and I guess it's okay to send defective junk out to the next sucker. I am finished with this!

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  • Too Small, (octobaby2 OH)

    This is a beautiful & nice size mirror if your only looking to do brows and small grooming tasks, 10x side flips face upside down if not super close due to being concave. I feel the mirrors are simply too small and light is not bright enough to be an effective makeup mirror especially in dim lighting and sitting 12 inches from the mirror, which i have to do. The mirror is clear and beautiful. Just not for my makeup routine and vanity set up.

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  • Very pretty mirror., (moyra FL)

    Just recently purchased this mirror and it looks very classy on my bathroom vanity. My only wish is that the diameter of the mirror was larger. Im sure the dimensions were stated. I should have paid more attention. Otherwise, Im happy with it.

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  • Vanity Mirror, (Cloud903 TX)

    Love the mirror, very handy. I had been wanting a mirror like this for a long time and then HSN had it.

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  • Not at all bright enough, (greyhounds003 FL)

    Very disappointed in this mirror ordered because I needed a 10X mirror but the lighting is so dim the room needs to be lighted to see

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  • Defective, (Brenda048 WV)

    Sorry but received and wouldnt work. I tried 2brands of batteries. Wasnt packed very good to have an expensive mirror,l mailed back for refund. I was disappointed in the product.

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  • Its just ok, (jermar162 PA)

    I like the look and size of the mirror. Battery life is pretty short but I do use for 10-15 min at a time. I think the magnification could be clearer. I sometimes struggle to focus my eyes to it. I will keep it, but continue looking for something else.

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  • Zadro Cordless Dual-sided Vanity Mirror, (ClassyLady GA)

    I love this mirror. The single and 5X magnification is perfect for me. I like the fact that I have a lighted vanity mirror and with no cords.

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  • dollar store, (amebug IL)

    Iam so sorry to write this. this mirror was such poor quality. I just dont what to say, other than I wont be giving it a thumbs up. I truly am disappointed.

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  • I can see again!!, (Connie1824 CA)

    I can see again to put on my makeup! But there are some things I didn't want to see, lol. I can pluck without a problem. There is no reason to go out without your face near perfection. Also the light is perfect for any skin tone, would not be with it.

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  • Nice Mirror - light is good feature, (SaraC21 NC)

    Mirror is good weight, very little distortion in 10x and really like the light (shows a little TOO much, lol!)A little disappointed as a little of the rose gold finish was scraped off, but not enough to send back. Overall, very happy with this mirror.

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  • the mirror was faulty, (booinpa FL)

    this mirror would have been fine except for the fact that i turned it for the magnification and my face was upside down and would not focus as a true magnification.

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  • mirror, (JLo1953 FL)

    nothing special-I could of bought one at Walgreens for less

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