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  • No more allergies!, (Amy197448 CO)

    I suffered from seasonal allergies since I could remember and so did my two children! So back in the early 2000's I did purchase this product and I noticed a few weeks later my allergy symptoms were alleviated, so I decided I would open up a capsule and divide it into two equal parts and give it to my children in there juice and mix it well and it started helping them as well! As long as I can afford this product I will NOT be without it! It is truly a wonderful product!!

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  • Take it daily, (Stella34 NC)

    Love this item because it contains so many good things in one capsule. Thanks to Andrew Lessman for another great nutritional item.

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  • Very awesome , (Anonymous FL)

    This is the product of a lifetime I love it

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  • Helps my Carpal Tunnel, (libtrasings FL)

    This World Health has all good ingredients. I feel it is like a booster shot for my system on a daily basis. Why not consume ingredients you don't eat enough of. I feel the difference in my discomfort aches and pains are much less.

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  • World, (Flashd CA)

    A world of benefits my body can't consume enough eating foods.

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  • NOT FRESH., (tomochka13 NY)

    The capsules look like a rock.will return.

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