Wolfgang Puck Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer with Bags

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  • vacum sealer, (lucgar TX)

    great for storing food---easy to use--love the vacum seal---use only what is needed then reseal

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  • Great product., (patti85 MI)

    Love my vacuum sealer. always seam to not use all my meat that I buy for a meal. now I can package that extra piece or two & seal it. ready for the next time I need it. no freezer burn. great buy.

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  • Great, (bird4 NY)

    I used and so far great and I am able to use My bags from the other one

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  • Not good , (Tita28 FL)

    It wasnt what I expected or so great like shows on tv . Somewhat disappointed.

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  • Good value, (Lydia1C15 MN)

    The sealer works well...if you are patient. The hand held unit needs work. It tips over and has to be placed exactly

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  • not sure i like it or not, (vjb IN)

    the seal sometimes comes undone, like others I have tried. I have found though that if you put a piece of tape over vacuum hole, it will stay sealed. just shouldnot have to. I mainly stick to my large on now

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  • Was not happy , (PrincessPopulus RI)

    I got this first and didnt like the way it felt in my hand so a few days later I got the cuiisinart I should of got this from the start no I didnt return Wolfgang I just gave it to my son let him deal with that piece of junk

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  • Unhappy, (littledoe64 MO)

    No I would not recommend this. Used it a few times and it worked OK once you got it lined up right but now it is not working at all. Sorry I bought it.

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  • Very unhappy, (marlb NJ)

    It lasted 1 use, the first time I used the vacuum sealer it was great, this next time, doesn't work?? Why piece of junk. I purchase alot from hsn,I thought it would've worked at least after my easy pay was done

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  • Waste of money, (eddieanddanny NJ)

    Bags will not hold seal.frustrating bags are defective.will return n never buy again..stick to cooking Wolfgang

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