Winter Lane Set of 2 Cookie Cutter Decorations with LED Corsages

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  • Gorgeous!, (Canicus FL)

    This is such a beautiful outdoor decoration! It was extremely easy to put together and very easy to put in our garden.It was so cleverly engineered, everything fit together perfectly.At night when it lights up it really looks spectacular! Good deal for the price.

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  • Adorable, (morrismm AL)

    These are so cute and I got them when they were on sale. Great price and love the versatility and 2 different sizes!

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  • Best value for this type of decoration!, (MomToAPrincess NC)

    I have a similar set of 3 ginger people from an HSN sister company which does not need to be put together.In comparison, these are a deal, especially on sale.I have mixed feelings about them coming in 2 pieces, though. I had no problem putting the little guy together, but like others, had to use a mallet to get the big guy together. As such, I'm not sure if he will break back down into two pieces again, but for the sale price, you won't find a more unique or impressive Christmas decoration!

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  • life size gingerbread cookie cutters , (bakindeb MI)

    Do love them, made well, considering made in China. Will look great outdoors for Christmas and they are huge so will show up good from a distance can't wait :)

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  • These are amazing and Large!, (Marti1960 NC)

    I have been seeing these in catalogs for close to and more than 200.00. When I saw these on sale I decided to give it a shot. I am pleasantly surprised. Large and so easy to store. They come apart easily to make storage much easier. These are a deal

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  • Super cute, (GrandmaDawn13 MI)

    Love the product, it is made out of heavier metal than I expected, which is great. Not sure how it will hold up outside in the weather, rust wise. I'm going to hang it on the door instead of a wreath this year. I will change the bow out, its flat has has no wired edges to hold its shape, but thats an easy fix.

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  • Love them! Heavy. Metal. , (Trip23 NY)

    They dont describe how well made they are and are made of metal.The plastic is the corsage.I love these so I bought another set.They come in halves so better for storing.

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  • Fun decor!, (sashsn PA)

    Arrived today, packed well. Removed from box and assembled to check quality. All looks good. Bow is flat, not wired so not fluffable so I may switch it out. Halves come together easily. Looks way more expensive than is, in fact Ive seen similar items in catalogs for much more money. Looking forward to using them this holiday season.

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  • Love them, (skbmclaugh NY)

    I order these gingerbread men cookie cutter decorations after seeing them for a while. I love them however the company should forget the greenery and bow. They are cheap and flimsy. I replaced with my own bow and lights. They are a wonderful addition to our holiday decorations!

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  • Unique, (catscrap NC)

    These two cookie cut out arrived boxed very well. It didn't take very long to put together. The only reason why I didn't give it five stars is because the larger one is a little misshapen, but not that noticeable. As others have written, the ribbon is flat. However, I took a curling iron, and that did the trick to fluff them up. These are really cute in my home. I will treasure these for years to come.

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  • Super Cute!!, (MLB48 NC)

    These gingerbread men are absolutely adorable! The corsages are not!! Go ahead & be prepared to trash them but remove the lights first! Grab a couple of small greenery picks from a craft store, add the lights in, & top it off with a bow, & youre set. Easy to assemble even though the male and female ends of the large one didnt quite line up. I gently hit them with a hammer a couple of times & they snapped together.

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  • Look cool but not easy to put together , (krm13 NJ)

    I really love these except for the fact that it was really difficult to get it put together. The large one didn't line up correctly to connect the pieces together. I had to use a rubber mallet and it still is not completely together. It's not worth the hassle to exchange them so I'm making them work the way they are.

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  • Almost Perfect, (Kreegirl TX)

    The cookie cutters are sturdy and a great size. The disappointment is with the corsage. It arrived flat as a pancake and in shambles. I will discard, and instead line the cookie cutters with waterproof led strip lighting for outdoor protected decor.

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  • Really cute, but..., (linhigh WV)

    These guys are adorable and fairly easy to put together. Not as stable standing up as I would expect. The corsages that came were a wreck. They were originally hot glued, and arrived in pieces. The lights are strung between the branches, so when I tried to reglue them, ir was almost impossible.

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  • Pieces of junk, (AprilGirl13 LA)

    These are flimsy pieces of metal with rough edges that arrived dented. The 2 halves won't go together for either gingerbread man so they are completely useless.

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