Vitamin K-2 MK-7 120

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  • Great product, (honey260 NC)

    I have been ordering these for some time now and they are doing what they are supposed to do. Keeping the calcium out of the blood and into your bones where it should go.,Also capsules are small and easy to take.

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  • Good quality, (Bilko-0888 TN)

    Done my research and everyone should take care this

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  • Taking as adjunctive therapy for osteoporosis , (Ree979 GA)

    Physician recommended for osteoporosis adjunctive therapy.

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  • doctor approved, (Dinamon IL)

    had pain in breast, my doctor said calcifications. I started using K2 Mk-7 and pain has gone down. I'm delighted.

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  • Still packaging 5 days after ordering?, (lipstick99 TX)

    The vitamins are great, but why does it take so long to ship & receive vitamins? Ordered on 4/2 but today on 4/7 it still shows "packaging". My last order of vitamins on 12/26 wasn't delivered to me until 01/22. Just curious why it takes so long to get vitamins shipped out. Other items always seem to ship quicker.

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  • Paired with Calcium supplement for perfect pairing, (Digitaldynamo MA)

    Happy to have found this product to pair with the Calcium Magnesium supplement. Great for bone and heart health! Very tiny pearl sized pill which I appreciate. Sensitive to supplements and this has been easy to take and digest.

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  • So Glad this Available, (1qualityshopper NC)

    Considering how important it is to control where calcium goes in the body, it is reassuring to know that this product can help. I like the peace of mind from having high quality Vitamin K2-MK7 in a tiny, easy to swallow gel capsule to go along with all the other trustworthy Andrew Lessman supplements I take religiously.

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  • A great addition to my Vitamine regime., (annabell2 NY)

    So small and so powerful, I am happy to add this Product to my health regime. No digestion issues and very easy to wallow. Thank you Andrew.

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  • Great, (JAVY NY)

    Love and vitamins

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  • Great, (JAVY NY)

    Love and vitamins

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  • timmytown, (timmytown MI)

    This is my second order as a (ts) Andrew brought this his last visit. After he talked about this product and stated he would not go a day with out it and all the benefits, I will not go with out it either, when he speaks I listen. I am putting together a small group of products outside of my (fab) 6, and this is one of them!!!!

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  • Vitamin K, (Sue_K IL)

    Ive been taking vitamin K along with my Andrew Lesmans calcium vitamin twice a day. Im a senior citizen and both are good for my bones.

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  • Reliable source, (shoutout09 CA)

    I bought these because I have Osteopenia. I figured I get enough Calcium in dairy products. Andrew would you consider making a calcium tablet with just Calcium, small enough to swallow even if you have to take more? I already take Viamin D3 in your multi. Do you know I can't find straight Calcium anywhere?

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  • amazing, (Willow2014 MD)

    I have very high Cholesterol, mostly high LDL....My doctor wanted me on statins.... I decided not to take them and about a year ago started taking K-2 MK7....After taking this product for a full year my LDL dropped 63 points and HDL went up 5 points to 70....I was amazed....I'm convinced it was this product...Never changed my diet at all...I also take Andrew's collagen because I have osteoporosis. Expecting good results after I have my next Dexa!!

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  • These are great!, (angele45 FL)

    I love all of the vitamins and products of Dr. Lessman! They are the only ones I now buy!!!

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