Vitamin K-2 MK-7 120

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  • Worth taking!, (chicachic TX)

    Have been taking for at least 3 years and recently had a CT scan. It showed clean arteries with no buildup. Will continue taking faithfully!

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  • My traffic cop for my Calcium product., (Antonio188 OH)

    I use this in combination with Andrew's Calcium Magnesium Intensive Care to help the calcium go to the right places in my body and it also helps in my cardiovascular health. I'm a 62 year old male and in my last doctor's checkup all was perfect. I attribute my health to working out, eating wisely and taking these wonderful supplements from Andrew. Thank you!

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  • Important yet overlooked., (1-FlyingFish OK)

    The lack of K2 in the average American diet is why we have so many cases of hardening of the arteries, kidney/bladder and gallstones. Calcium being deposited in the wrong places, in soft tissue, not in bones, where it belongs, also contributing to osteoporosis!

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  • VIT K, (snowflaked011 MT)

    The only vitamins I take are Andrew Lessman. I trust them

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  • happy with all Lessman products, (DebMP CA)

    another great product from A Lessman. Getting ready to refill others for Christmas.

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  • A great supplement., (1-FlyingFish OK)

    K2 is important to prevent brittle bones and prevent calcium buildup in arteries.

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  • Repeat , (apq3Dgs IL)

    Ive taken Andrew Lessman vitamin K for several years so was glad I could reorder. I never have any problems with upset stomach taking his vitamins either.

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  • Great product!, (Hippie7 FL)

    Been using this for years for heart health.

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  • Results , (bavw NY)

    I started the Vitamin K-2 MK-7 in 2021 regularly and have to say that my LDL has gone down significantly to below normal range and my HDL has increased significantly by 15 points.. I feel that it has helped me & will continue to take it. My Dr. told me to continue with whatever Ive been doing- its working.. Please do not change this product in any way ! Thanks Andrew!!!

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  • Great bone density product, (lindajean6 NJ)

    small, oval,easy to swallow; great for seniors

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  • Vitaman K, (Mollie900 TX)

    My doctor told me to take Vitamin K, and I trust Andrew's products.

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  • vitamins, (joyce25 OH)

    I have taken Andrew vitamins for years they work for me, thanks Andrew for all the vitamins that don't bother my stomach.

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  • Feeling Good, (Rhondakaye NC)

    Feeling stronger since I have been taking these Andrew Lessman vitamins. Looking forward to adding some new things to my routine. Thanks Andrew!!

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  • riki, (rikita MI)

    I have used Andrew's products for a few years now and love all of them

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  • timmytown, (timmytown MI)

    This is a reorder, and a one of four (TS) Andrews last visit. I combined vit.k2 mk7, vit. d3, and CalMag, and take all three with my last meal of the day, a perfect blend!!!

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