Vitamin D3-5000

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  • ok, (Ziakatz OK)

    Couldn't tell much difference

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  • I don't know yet, (MOOSHIE21 IL)

    I just got them last night I will review at the end of August The 1 star is not an indication of how I feel. I had to put a star in order to submit.

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  • I never received my order., (bitziemama AR)

    I never received my order.

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  • ?, (wizer PA)

    Never received this!

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  • health, (Appache1 VA)

    jury still out I usually give vitamins about six weeks

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  • No difference , (xango FL)

    I started taking the 3000, smaller bottle' felt a differenc. Then this Vit. D3 5000 a largaer bottle and no difference. Started to wonder if there is Vit. D3 in it at all.

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  • Not so great for my body?, (TMANN NV)

    I have taken one per day and the day after I started taking this is got terribly constipated. I tried increasing water intake and uping fiber and fresh vegetables but still stopped up. I had to take a laxative for 3 days just to get back to normal. I never had any issues with bowel movements and as soon as I stopped taking D-3 i was fine. Have to return it.

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  • Returning due to experiencing horrible gas, (Moluptuous CA)

    I love all of AL's products, but I believe the CalMag Intensive Care is to blame for the horrible gas I experienced when taking. I stopped taking the product and no more gas. I will be returning. I love his fish oil, multi, and astaxanthin. I will continue to purchase those. Maybe this just didn't work with my body.

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  • Too Much Calcium , (ANNIE40YELLOW IL)

    When watching this as part of today's special value, I thought it did not have calcium in it. I am sending it back. I love the eye support vitamins, but many of his vitamins have too much calcium for me. I have thrown out large quantities of the calcium and magnesium and the vitamin D3 1200 because it was too late to return them before I realized what was causing the discomfort. I understand the balance needed in these supplements, but if I take several different kinds, I cannot tolerate the calcium.

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  • Terrible acne Breakout, (cardae NC)

    I've used Andrew Lessmans vitamins before but never the vitamin D3. Two weeks and I had a massive acne breakout. I thought maybe it was Pepsi or tea that did it but I only drink that as a treat for myself once a week. I stopped drinking anything carbonated including tea. I don't take any other medicines nor have I changed my diet. I just couldn't figure it out. I continued the breakouts with no healing. I almost went to a Dermatologist but my husband mentioned the vitamins are new. I stopped taking them for only five days and already my face is clearing up. I now know there is something in them that causes a flare up of acne. Hopefully this will not happen to anyone else. I am returning them with uncertainty because I am low in D levels and I need to find an alternative.

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  • Labels Keep Falling Off, (rickee1 NV)

    I have purchased Andrew's products for well over 5 years and they seemed to be working fine. Recently I have noticed that all the labels on my bottles have fallen off and I am concerned if the labels on the outside have poor quality control that the quality inside the capsules are not much better. I have stopped buying Andrew's products and will not buy anymore of his products until he has the GMP stamp on his bottles.

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  • Not for me, (MsVersatyle NY)

    I've tried everything! I know Andrew said take the D3-2000 with a fatty food....I have & It's still too strong for my stomach. Maybe the 1000 will be better for me... Returning

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  • disappointed, (noGMO NY)

    I am very disappointed in this product. I did not open it when I received it since I had vitamin d3 to use up first. I though I was ordering high quality vitamin D3 only and was shocked to see that this product also contains calcium and magnesium also. Too make matters worse the calcium is a type I never use! When I take calcium which is rarely I use calcium citrate which is more observable and never calcium carbonate. Also I already take Magnesium L-Threonate which is a better form of magnesium. I no longer have the return label and took a few of them before I realized it contained additional ingredients I do not want. To make matters worse I purchased the 1200 capsules which now I do not want to take. I am on a fixed income and this is a lot of money for me to loose.

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  • sorry Andrew, (docL FL)

    I like your other products but these 2 were just too much Ca for my stomach and blood vessels. Sending them back and going back to my organic herbal Ca/Mg.

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  • Great, (Jesussavesme CA)

    Great. I realized my other Andrew products had vitamin d in it. I returned unused.

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