Vitamin D3-5000

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  • works great!, (brenna843 AZ)

    my vitamin D was very low in November despite taking a supplement. so I changed to this brand and now in February my levels are great despite being on new medication that can deplete my vitamin D and reason for labs being taken again so soon! love the very small gel caps! will buy again...

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  • Great Product, (RandyG5 LA)

    Lessman got me concerned about my Vitamin D before the doctors! I keep this standalone Vitamin D as a supplement to my multivitamin Essential One as needed! An accident proved to me my bones are good & hard at age 60 years and I'm convinced the Vitamin D played a big part in my success! Thanks!!

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  • Thank you Andrew!, (Willow-Rose WA)

    I have taken Vitamin D3 for years now from generic brands. After taking these I can see how quality makes a difference! My vitamin levels are noticeably better (per my doctor). The biggest change I've noticed is my mood. Life hasn't really changed but taking these vitamins seems to have uplifted me mores than previous vitamins as I was lacking D3 specifically in the past. Thank you so much Andrew for continued quality products!

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  • Small capsule, (BLH723 IN)

    Nice size, easy to swallow. Will order again

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  • ONLY THE BEST!, (Flowerpick NC)

    Have been taking Andrew's vitamins since he was on QVC years ago. They are the best! Easy on the stomach and really work. Only vitamins my husband and I will take.

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  • Great results, (jeannewick MI)

    My joint pain is gone! I had to take estrogen blocking meds after DCIS diagnosis, surgery and radiation. After one year on Arimidex, I experienced severe bone and joint pain and was about to give up on the medication. Now I am pain free and can sleep through the night without knee pain waking me up!

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  • Caused Side Effects, (BitzyVT VT)

    Unfortunately I am unable to take Vitamin D3-1000 because after taking it for a while it began causing bad side effects with constipation. Very Disappointed. Gave this a neutral rating because the reactions are specific to me. Only AL product I've used that I've had a bad reaction from.

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  • Vitamin D3, (kooljazzie NV)

    Im pleased with my purchase of this vitamin

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  • Fantastic!!, (MCGOO37 LA)

    My husband started taking this product about 6 months ago. He has migraines almost every day and is on 2 different medications for them. His doctor wanted him to take vitamin D after a blood workup. I have been using Andrew Lessmans products for years and they are incredible. But, the surprise came when my husband's migraines were were eliminated by about 75%. He might get 1 or 2 a month now and hardly takes any medication. Just unbelievable!!

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  • Best ever, (SHERRYCOMET11368 CT)

    Small easy to swallow Vit D .. We take all of his vitamins and it has changed our lives. Our labs have improved where our Vit D was below normal now they are above normal.. His products are the best on the market and thank you so much for bringing these quality products to us, We are thankful!!

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  • D Levels right on target!, (DEEZLE NH)

    I have been taking Andrew's Vitamin D3 5000 for quite a while. A year ago, I had the unfortunate accident of slipping and breaking my ankle which resulted in an emergency room visit and immediate surgery. Blood tests were done prior to me going in to the operating room. In my post-op, follow-up visit with the surgeon about 10 days later, he was going over details with me and told me my Vitamin D levels were right on target! That was music to my ears knowing that this quality product works!

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  • Love D3, (KAT7 CA)

    I am so use to taking D3 through the years somehow I missed I had run out until my blood test fell way below my normal on my 6 mos. checkup. Wondered why I was declining energy wise all of a sudden.Hopefully I am now back on track.

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    I have been taking Andrew Lessman's supplements for several years now. I find them to be the best in quality and results. I will continue using his supplements only. Thank you Andrew.

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  • I am full of sunshine, (buster-sandy AZ)

    I am a big fan of ProCaps. I had my vitD tested and since using this product my levels are excellent. I am full of sunshine. Love the fact that there a no chemicals involved.Thank You Andrew!

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  • Really needed these, (RSCA AL)

    I would recommend these if your vitamin D levels are low like mine were.

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