Vitamin D3-3000 - 360 Capsules

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  • check lists of possible side effects, (1945boomer KS)

    This has done wonders for my muscles and bones but it caused severe dry eyes and I have had to quit for awhile (dr. request) and when I went off them my dry eyes have improved I am going to say 95 percent in 2 weeks so am excited to see what happens after a month. I will have to go on a lower dose. I was taking 2000 under a doctor's advise for 3yr with blood work each year.

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  • Excellent, (pinky375 NC)

    Best vitamins on the planet. I take several different ones and they do what they are suppose to do.

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  • Andrews Vitamins Are The Best , (burmese54 SC)

    I take 17 of Andrews vitamins & his D3-3000 is one of them. I am 69 years old & know that our processed foods of every kind does not supply our bodies with the nutrients we need. The fact that I can take his vitamins on an empty stomach really helps, but some of his vitamins need to be taken with a small amount of fat. I always enjoyhis knowledge of his products & the effect they have on our bodies. Andrews vitamins are also a good buy, Do the math. Thank you Andrew. Judy

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  • Fantastic , (LEO1960 PA)

    I been ordering ur Vitamins D products n love them I never get an upset stomach n my D levels are great. Thank you , Andrew! Ur the best

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  • No side affects vitamin, (lindalewis78 FL)

    This is my third time buying this brand. I love that there are no side affects to my stomach. No constipation or gas. Love this brand. It also improved my lab scores for low vitamin deficiency.

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  • Easy on tummy and effective, (belle10 AL)

    Use a variety of Lessman supplements and find consistently deliver results with no digestive issues at all.

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  • The Best!, (Debby21 GA)

    I have researched many other companies and compared products and this is the company that I trust for integrity and purity, love Andrew Lessman and his products!

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    With all my years taking Andrew Lessman, over 25 years!! Another Can't Live Without. I put this in Christmas Stockings for Family & Friends. Giving Good Healthy Is A Wonderful Gift of Love. Highly Recommend Taking Vitamin D3 Always. Blood Work is Great For Our Family. Everyone Should Check their Vitamin D Level. Thank you Andrew and HSN. We Are On So Many Supplements, Great Prices, The Best, Easy To Swallow, No After Taste. Only The Best Vitamins & Supplements Always.

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  • It works!, (ria1315 IL)

    I love it. I have been feeling more energized since I started taking it.

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  • A+, (HSNaddicted57 NY)

    Does a great job!

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  • Small capsules easy to swallow., (Orange-Flower799 NJ)

    Essential nutrient.

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  • NEVER STOP MAKING VITAMIN D3-300, (Doodlenonna TX)

    This tiny gem is easy to take, and the oncologist told me to take for the rest of my life. Thank you Andrew & HSN.

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  • Vitamin D3-2000 - 720 capsules, (Suzie-Luna KS)

    I love this product is easy to take no additives pure and I have no side effects does not upset my stomach. I love all of Andrews products.

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  • Fabulous, (Lindy73 TX)

    I think these vitamins are superb. Thank you Andrew Lessman!

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  • Finally, (Patty03063 FL)

    I quit taking vitamin D due to chocking on them! Easy to swallow!! 10 stars from me!

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